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Top 16 Apps Like Lichtspeer for iOS and Android

Looking for apps like Lichtspeer? We have compiled a list of the top alternative apps for iOS and Android devices. Lichtspeer alternatives are mostly action games but may also be adventure games.

There are 16 apps similar to Lichtspeer available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Huntdown - A Retro Action Adventure is the best alternative. Other Lichtspeer like apps are Alto's Adventure, Night Skate, Raft Adventure 3D, and Oddmar - Action-adventure Platformer. All of the best 2024 alternative apps are listed below and regularly updated.

Lichtspeer Alternative Apps

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Huntdown - A Retro Action Adventure

Adventure Games | First release: May 30, 2021

10/10 - GameReactor 10/10 - Retro 101 9/10 - Nintendo Life 9/10 - PC Invasion 5/5 - Daily Star

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Alto's Adventure - A serene snowboarding odyssey

Action Games | First release: November 18, 2019

Above the placid ivory snow lies a sleepy mountain village, brimming with the promise of adventure. "A piece of interactive art" – WIRED

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Night Skate - A retro skateboard adventure

Action Games | First release: February 23, 2022

Unlock songs, color palettes, and new levels to explore as you skate your way through an endless fantasy mixtape. Developed by Luke and Clay Williams of the cooperative game studio Odd Animal.

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Raft Adventure 3D

Adventure Games | First release: March 10, 2024

Alone in the ocean, on a small Raft. Can you survive? Dive in the ocean, catch some fish but don't get bitten by Sharks!

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Oddmar - Action-adventure Platformer

Action Games | First release: November 27, 2019

*Oddmar is Apple Design Award 2018 Winner* Oddmar struggles with life in his village and is not worthy of a place in Valhalla. He is shunned by his fellow Vikings and must redeem himself of his squandered potential.

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Adventures of Mana

Role Playing Games | First release: July 20, 2022

Relive the excitement of Final Fantasy Adventure―a timeless classic remastered for a new generation. ■STORY Enshrined atop Mt.

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Grimvalor - Epic Hack & Slash Adventure

Action Games | First release: October 18, 2019

Slash your way through the hordes of darkness and defeat King Valor's fearsome guardians in this breathtaking adventure!

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Super Fancy Pants Adventure - Run. Jump. Slide. Be Fancy‪!‬

Action Games | First release: November 23, 2020

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild free-running adventure with buttery smooth platforming and a slick fountain pen!

Best Action Games Like Lichtspeer

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Unicorns on Unicycles - Wacky versus fighting game‪!‬

Action Games | First release: October 01, 2021

Turn your horns into swords in this wacky and sweet physics-driven rainbowcore fighting game featuring jousting unicorns.

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Zip—Zap - Stuff that moves. Anyhow‪.‬

Action Games | First release: July 20, 2022

Touch to contract.

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Reload Rush - Reload and Shot‪!‬

Action Games | First release: June 17, 2023

· · · · · · Game Feature · · · · · · · » Simply touch to play game » Just play this game on your 10 minutes of free time :)

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ALONE... - Begin Your Solitary Journey

Action Games | First release: May 24, 2021

ALONE is a handcrafted, intense survival journey through space.

Best Adventure Games Like Lichtspeer

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Max - The Curse of Brotherhood

Adventure Games | First release: July 24, 2022

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a cinematic adventure game filled with action-packed platforming and creative puzzle-solving.

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Adventure Games | First release: April 16, 2024

Create, customize and battle your BEYBLADE BURST tops in the BEYBLADE BURST App.

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The Last Express

Adventure Games | First release: July 21, 2022

Step aboard the 1914 Orient Express in this award-winning mystery adventure from Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, now for the first time on iOS! JULY, 1914.

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Spin the Battle! - Paintball Roulette

Adventure Games | First release: November 23, 2020

Have you ever wanted to shoot your friends in the butt with a paintball gun? Take a chance in Spin the Battle and you just might get to!

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