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Top 16 Apps Like Oops Dragon for iOS and Android

Looking for apps like Oops Dragon? We have compiled a list of the top alternative apps for iOS and Android devices. Oops Dragon alternatives are mostly adventure games but may also be role playing games.

There are 16 apps similar to Oops Dragon available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Top Troops: Adventure RPG is the best alternative. Other Oops Dragon like apps are Dusk of Dragons: Survivors, Alice and The Magical Dragons, Dragon's Lair 30th Anniversary, and DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS. All of the best 2024 alternative apps are listed below and regularly updated.

Oops Dragon Alternative Apps

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Top Troops: Adventure RPG - Lead your army, save the realm

Adventure Games | First release: October 06, 2023

Top Troops is a fantasy RPG game with a unique mix between strategy and merge mechanics. Easy to try, hard to master.

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Dusk of Dragons: Survivors - Winter Is Coming

Simulation Games | First release: April 17, 2024

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is a Survival Sandbox Game that transports players to a magical medieval kingdom filled with dragons and enchantment.

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Alice and The Magical Dragons

Family Games | First release: September 02, 2021

For Alice to survive in the magical world, no one must know that she comes from the world of humans. Not until it’s clear what all this is about and who is the enemy and who is a friend.

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Dragon's Lair 30th Anniversary

Entertainment Games | First release: July 28, 2022

Now's your chance to play arcade classic Dragon's Lair in High Definition! Dragon's Lair, one of the most beloved arcade games of all time can now be enjoyed on-the-go whenever you want.

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Adventure Games | First release: May 27, 2022

Explore a world made of blocks as you gather, craft, and build to defeat the evil Dragonlord! Build everywhere from anywhere in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS, available now on mobile.

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A Memoir Blue - Journey Into Depths of Memory

Family Games | First release: January 11, 2023

*Devices not supported: iPhone X* From Cloisters Interactive, A Memoir Blue is an interactive poem about a superstar athlete and the all-encompassing love between mother and daughter.

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Underground Blossom - A journey through memories

Adventure Games | First release: September 27, 2023

Descend into the Rusty Lake Underground and travel through the life and memories of Laura Vanderboom! Travel from station to station, each metro stop symbolising a piece of Laura's past and future.

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the longest drift - a driving journey for truth

Adventure Games | First release: November 21, 2020

"The Longest Drift" is a one-of-a-kind, racing-puzzle-adventure game about solving the mystery of the disappearance of two family members.

Best Adventure Games Like Oops Dragon

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Dirty Revolver - Offline Western Cowboy Shooter

Adventure Games | First release: May 07, 2021

Live an uninterrupted story of revenge in the Wild West! During your childhood, Wesley's men had shot the whole village and killed your mother and your siblings.

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One Escape!

Adventure Games | First release: May 09, 2021

One day, three buddies decided to rob a bank.

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Survival Challenge 3D - Be the Ultimate Survivor‪!‬

Adventure Games | First release: October 12, 2021

Join the Survival Challenge! Discover dozens of games simplified into fun packed mini games and become the ultimate survivor.

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Vic the Viking: Adventures - Fun learning games with Vicky‪!‬

Adventure Games | First release: July 10, 2021

Vic the Viking and his friends have forgotten the Moonlight Festival is in two days! They need to sail home right away… and they want someone to join them on their adventure!

Best Role Playing Games Like Oops Dragon

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Streamer Life! - Be the Most Popular Influencer

Role Playing Games | First release: July 22, 2021

Welcome to the life of an influencer! Do you dream of becoming a famous influencer? This is the game for you!

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Car Saler Simulator 2023 - Trade, Upgrade, and Sell Cars

Role Playing Games | First release: March 29, 2024

Get ready to experience the ultimate car trading adventure in the mobile game Car Saler Simulator!

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Nimian Legends: BrightRidge HD - Open World Fantasy Adventure

Role Playing Games | First release: May 28, 2021

EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE OPEN WORLD FANTASY ADVENTURE Run, swim and fly through glistening waterfalls and rivers, overgrown forests, sky-high mountains and ancient dungeons.

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Tiesa ar Drąsa - Poroms, draugams ir visiems‪!‬

Role Playing Games | First release: May 28, 2024

Žaidimas "Tiesa ar Drąsa" - tai puiki pramoga Jūsų įrenginyje, kurią galite žaisti su draugais ar partneriu bet kur ir bet kada.

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