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Top 16 Apps Like Vitruve for iOS and Android

Looking for apps like Vitruve? We have compiled a list of the top alternative apps for iOS and Android devices. Vitruve alternatives are mostly sports Apps but may also be health & fitness Apps.

There are 16 apps similar to Vitruve available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Kurt Thune Training is the best alternative. Other Vitruve like apps are Darts Checkout Training, BaM Video Delay, Turkey Tech, and Agility Coach. All of the best 2024 alternative apps are listed below and regularly updated.

Vitruve Alternative Apps

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Kurt Thune Training

Sports | First release: March 04, 2024

Welcome to improve your sport shooting results.

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Darts Checkout Training - The best way to finish

Sports | First release: January 24, 2024

Always know the best checkout finish for each double. This app is an indispensable tool if you want to increase your performance and your average permanently!

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BaM Video Delay - Coaching and Personal Training

Sports | First release: July 22, 2022

Featured in the TOP 10 SPORTS apps in USA First real video delay - continuously showing what just happened for quick visual feedback Used by sport coaches, PE teachers, professional athletes and dancers … or if you just want to see how you look on the dance floor :)

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Turkey Tech - Turkey Calling Training Videos

Sports | First release: January 15, 2024

Turkey Tech is the cutting of edge of turkey calling and hunting technology.

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Agility Coach - A Trialing & Training Journal

Sports | First release: February 16, 2024

Agility Coach was specifically designed for the dog agility enthusiast who wants to plan and track their dogs' agility career. * Record details and results of each run of each agility trial.

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3D Training

Sports | First release: April 17, 2024

Use this Visual Focus training to become highly aware, visually focused, calm, confident and aggressively minded.

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HRZones - Heart Rate Training Zones

Sports | First release: May 09, 2024

HR Zones is a simple to use heart rate training zone calculator.

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Duck Tech - Duck Calling Training Videos

Sports | First release: January 14, 2024

Learn how to call more ducks with three-time world champion duck caller, Barnie Calef, and Got Game Technologies’ tried and true instructional methodology.

Best Sports Apps Like Vitruve

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Agility Gate - Online gating for dog agility

Sports | First release: May 16, 2024

At a busy dog show, getting your dog to the line in an efficient manner becomes more and more difficult.

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Hiphop Smart

Sports | First release: May 14, 2024

COME FUNZIONA? Con uno smartphone che abbia una connessione Bluetooth il monitoraggio delle vostre attività e della vostra salute sarà immediato e semplicissimo.

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My Stable Horse Racing Games - Rival Horse Riding Stories Sim

Sports Games | First release: February 23, 2024

Saddle up for the ride of your life! As a jockey in this addictive horse racing game, every hoofbeat propels you closer to victory.

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Angler: The Fishing App - Fishing Calendar & Catch Log

Sports | First release: December 12, 2022

Maximize your chances of success, check the weather and bites predictions before your go to fishing spot. Plan your fishing trip with our app and make it extremely effective!

Best Health & Fitness Apps Like Vitruve

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The Wonder Weeks - Audiobook

Health & Fitness | First release: July 22, 2022

This is the AUDIOBOOK version of the book ’The Wonder Weeks', this is not the regular APP!

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75 Habit - Achieve Your Goals

Health & Fitness | First release: July 29, 2021

Reach new heights of mental discipline and physical strength.

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Kegel Exercises - Pelvic floor exercises

Health & Fitness | First release: November 27, 2020

The muscles of the pelvic floor do not affect the appearance, but have an effect on the internal organs. Their insufficient development can cause discomfort, and weakness significantly reduces the quality of life.

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Storybook: Masajes y Cuentos - Massage & Stories,Music,Health

Health & Fitness | First release: July 23, 2022

***App Featured in more than 160 countries*** Winners in Childtech, GESAwards, Startups Latino Founders, Mom's Choice Award Honoring Experience, National Parenting Product Awards, eMerge and more!

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