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Top 20 Apps Like Wacky Wheels HD Kart Racing for iOS and Android

Looking for apps like Wacky Wheels HD Kart Racing? We have compiled a list of the top alternative apps for iOS and Android devices. Wacky Wheels HD Kart Racing alternatives are mostly family games but may also be racing games.

There are 20 apps similar to Wacky Wheels HD Kart Racing available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Starlit On Wheels: Super Kart is the best alternative. Other Wacky Wheels HD Kart Racing like apps are Horrid Henry Krazy Karts, Retro Kart Rush, Monster Trucks Kids Racing Game, and ABC Dinos Premium: Abecedario. All of the best 2024 alternative apps are listed below and regularly updated.

Wacky Wheels HD Kart Racing Alternative Apps

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Starlit On Wheels: Super Kart - Race! Drift! Dash‪!‬

Racing Games | First release: Nov 23, 2020

Awarded Best Mobile Game at BIG Festival 2019! Welcome to the ride of your life with the heroes from Starlit Adventures: Bo and Kikki!

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Horrid Henry Krazy Karts

Family Games | First release: Apr 12, 2024

Buckle up for a kart racing adventure filled with thrills, spills, and hilarious chaos.

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Retro Kart Rush

Racing Games | First release: Apr 28, 2024

Retro Kart Rush is a retro racing game that will transport you back to the 16-bit era. Where friendships were made (or broken) by playing multiplayer games in front of the TV.

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Monster Trucks Kids Racing Game

Family Games | First release: Aug 19, 2022

If your kids love all things monster trucks, Then they will love this game! Monster Trucks racing game for young kids and toddlers!

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ABC Dinos Premium: Abecedario - Tracing vowels and consonants

Family Games | First release: Aug 04, 2022

ABC Dinos is an educational game for preschool kids and elementary school first graders to learn to read and write vowels and consonants.

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Alive Alphabet: Letter Tracing

Education Games | First release: Jul 07, 2021

Advisory Alert: Alive Alphabet’s amazing and amusing alphabetic adventure ahead! From Antelope to Zebra, Alive Alphabet thrills your children as they watch each letter come to life after tracing.

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Model Railway Easily 2

Family Games | First release: Apr 26, 2024

You can build highly detailed and functional model railway layouts in this game in a TRUE 3D graphics environment. Now with built-in terrain editor!

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BrickCraft - Models and Quiz

Trivia Games | First release: Jan 13, 2024

BrickCraft™ is for fans of Minecraft who also like to build with bricks. Learn how to build blocky models of monsters, objects, people, animals, and landscapes with your real-world bricks.

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Modern Magic 8 Ball - Get answers for every decision

Simulation Games | First release: Jan 19, 2020

Modern Magic Ball is the ultimate decision-making tool. It was built to run fast, be fun, bring people together, and be easy to use.

Best Family Games Like Wacky Wheels HD Kart Racing

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Magnet Miner

Family Games | First release: Feb 22, 2024

Dig in the deepest mine possible and reach for the treasures hidden in the ground! Earn gold and upgrade your cart and magnet-drop.

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Logic Playground PRO - 5 Games for Smart Children

Family Games | First release: Sep 03, 2021

5 Games for Smart Children aged 4-7 years + Numbers and Counting from 1-10 in 9 languages Do you or your children love logic puzzles? Are you looking for kids’ games that are easy to learn but challenge your brain; games that you can enjoy together with a youngster, that siblings can play together or your little ones can play safely on their own? Logic Playground includes 6 such games, all with a cute ocean theme and 9 different language options!

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Newton's Cradle Puzzle Game

Family Games | First release: Aug 08, 2022

Newton's Cradle Puzzle Game is a minimalistic, relaxing & challenging puzzle game. The goal is to finish all balls.

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AmBa - is the best puzzles game to discover almost all the types of transport.

Best Racing Games Like Wacky Wheels HD Kart Racing

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Reaction Time & Reflex Test

Racing Games | First release: Feb 09, 2024

Reaction Time & Reflex Test - your ultimate companion for improving your reaction time through reflex games, informative quizzes, and expert tips.

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Real Soccer Experience

Racing Games | First release: Jul 24, 2022

Have a ball playing soccer on your mobile device with Real Soccer Experience . Unlock power ups and try to achieve the almost impossible "Double S–rank"!

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Animals Racing

Racing Games | First release: Dec 15, 2023

Take you across all the elements - land, air, sea.

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Bloodhound SSC

Racing Games | First release: Jul 21, 2022

I don't advise you to drive ONE THOUSAND MILES PER HOUR, but if you ever DO want to..

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