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  • Ernesto81
    27/06/23 08:36

    Has anyone started a lawsuit against the developer?

  • Etsuko24
    14/06/23 10:00

    Ive been in Queue Position #1 for months now. On 10/31/2022 I was Queue Position #745. Now 8 months later still no payout.

  • Sam51
    27/05/23 09:25

    Total bs I’ve been at 1 for weeks waiting on payouts for months yea we need to get there platform BAND ASAP!!

  • Sam51
    27/05/23 09:20

    Well let’s just start with asking are you guys real or not????? Because as you can see I’ve had you guys game for awhile never really gave up thinking maybe you guys wasn’t like the rest but I have THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WAITING TO PAY OUT IN HAVE DONE ALL YOUVE ASK ME TO DO IN HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE PAYMENT SO NOW TO ANSWER FOR YOU GUYS I THINK YOU GUYS ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE YOU CANT EVEN FIND THE GAME IT SELF IN THE APP STORE ANYMORE COMPLETELY A WASTE OF TIME NEGATIVE -100 stars just sick straight BS…..

  • Humberto63
    02/05/23 01:15

    After being told the amount of my rewards, which is $1,540.66 I was told to watch 30 adds in a certain period of time(it’s been so long now I don’t remember the time frame they gave)in order to cash out and told to enter how I wanted to receive my payout. I used PayPal. I watched the 30 adds in the requested time frame. I was then put in a queue with some 1500 people ahead of me. It’s been roughly 6 months and I am now to just 1 person ahead of me in the queue. I will update as soon as I see anything change.

  • Helene32
    30/04/23 07:16

    It’s a scam. Hasn’t paid out in 6 months and been queuing on number 1 for weeks. Don’t play if you expect to get money.

  • Kazuko91
    01/02/23 11:28

    Even the email they have is invalid you can’t contact them

  • Kazuko91
    01/02/23 11:26

    Slots Carnival is the 2nd website they own has anyone been paid out on that site? I reached the $500 payment it didn’t go through, let’s sue these guys for false claims of payment

  • Kazuko91
    01/02/23 11:23

    It’s been 3 months and I still have had no payout on bingo Hunter, these guys should have a lawsuit happening anyway now……slot world I should’ve had two payments of $500, I haven’t received anything

  • Miyuki12
    10/01/23 03:50

    I would like to know how many are interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Mengshou Technology Co., Ltd. for non-payment on their app Bingo Hunter.

  • Tanya84
    11/07/23 06:20

    I’m definitely in on that . Like the others , i too am at number 1 and in about two months it will be a year and i haven’t received anything , not even a email from them . They are getting payed however by using us and i feel it’s time to get what we deserve and rightly owed to us .

  • Leslie22
    26/06/23 06:37

    Me I have been waiting for a long time and still haven’t gotten any money

  • Etsuko24
    14/06/23 09:55

    Ive been waitin for a payout going on almost 8 months now

  • Kazuko53
    27/12/22 04:17

    What does queue position mean?

  • Rita23
    15/11/22 09:07

    Have anyone received payment from this game yet???

  • Vince56
    29/11/22 04:53

    You’ll never get paid. It’s one excuse after the other way. Total scam.

  • Sandy62
    15/11/22 06:00

    So I’m gonna say it’s FAKE complete waste of time

  • Vince56
    29/11/22 04:52

    Nope. You’ll never get paid. Total scam!!

  • Sandy62
    15/11/22 05:57

    Okay I played and got it up to $732.25 said I had to wait 7 days they were approving.. well good news after 7 days it was approved then I was put in a que that had 2400 people a head of me first couple day it went down by hundreds then only a couple at a time.. well for the last 2 days it has said 172 people still a head of me.. I tried to email them thru contact us on the site and my email wouldn’t send so I sent them one from my gmail and it was undeliverable due to no email found… so I’m gonn

  • Vince56
    29/11/22 04:54

    Don’t waste your time it’s a bunch of crap. You’ll stay in the queue forever moving like one at a time but you’ll never get it.

  • Alberto92
    14/11/22 02:17

    Has anyone's queue position go to zero and actually cash out?

  • Vince56
    29/11/22 04:55

    Nope If it ever does get zero, there will be something else come up. That makes you wait. Never never get paid. It’s a total piece of shit app and a total scam but if I could figure out who to report it to you that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

  • Charley87
    07/11/22 07:12

    I have cashed out and it says 1,203 in front of me what in the world I will be highly upset

  • Vince56
    29/11/22 04:58

    You’re never gonna get paid you’ll be waiting forever and not receive a dime. It’s a fake app. It’s a bunch of crap.

  • Sandy62
    15/11/22 05:58

    Have u received yet

  • Lisa15
    27/10/22 05:07

    I have cashed out. My timer is now at 4days. I’ll update once rather I get it or not. Fun game otherwise.

  • Jose80
    14/11/22 11:13

    Did you get paid?

  • Joyce48
    25/10/22 08:48

    Has anyone actually received real money from the game?

  • Patty81
    26/10/22 05:53

    Not yet but apparently by tomorrow morning so I’ll update you

  • Sandy62
    15/11/22 06:01

    Have u received ur winnings yet

  • Sandy62
    15/11/22 05:58

    Did u ever recieve

  • Charley87
    07/11/22 07:11

    Did you get deposit

  • Vicky66
    02/11/22 12:49

    Any updates? Have you received your money?

  • Vicky66
    02/11/22 12:48

    Any updates?

  • Itoe42
    25/10/22 07:55

    How to cash out ?

  • Patty81
    26/10/22 05:52

    Watch 100000 ads

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