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  • Josephine17
    06/10/23 07:58

    Scam it is.

  • Bonnie62
    28/08/23 10:58

    Absolute con I have been waiting months in a queue done all processing now say no network on final part to cash into PayPal don’t bother wasting ur time playing this game company like this shouldn’t be aloud to bring games out and something should be done about it coz they are cons

  • Mindy42
    26/07/23 01:10

    Seems that there are too many applicants for the money I have earned playing Deep Dive Dash and watching thousands of commercials. Has anyone considered a class action suit agains them for fraud?

  • Florence24
    06/07/23 05:16

    What happened!!! I have been holding 6 cash outs. For the original game. I knew I would never see a dime of it. But it fun to pretend that I would someday. Seems anything with Unity involved is the worst of the worst of the fake games. Anyway just out of curiosity. I checked on my cash outs. I had trouble finding the game it was a browning color icon. Its now blue and the game is totally different. Like i never played it. All my cash out have vanished. Yet it still wants me to play. Why is this possible?? That they act like this.#1. No way in heck i would play that again. Or any other unity game. I E Mailed them many times while holding in the Que. well i tried. Their e mail is non op.. but i managed to get a couple to go out by saving as a draft. Does anyone know what happened? Was it updated and all my cash outs wiped out. This is soooo frustrating. Every game seems to be able to this. And no one is doing anything about it.

    Thank you

  • Miyuki29
    22/06/23 10:58

    Bonjour. J’ai gagné une certaine somme d’argent sur cette application et pourtant l’argent n’arrive jamais sur mon compte PayPal…? Est-ce normal ou juste victime d’une arnaque ?
    Merci pour votre réponse !

  • Van94
    20/06/23 01:53

    Kein Netzwerk ?

  • Josephine95
    19/06/23 11:58

    I tried to cash out and after entering my cash app info and message appeared that said… no terminal… what does that mean? Tia!

  • Kazuko77
    06/06/23 08:10

    Is it for real that people actually receive the money they earn playing this game

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