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  • Etsuko92
    03/03/24 12:12

    What does the star with a heart inside mean

  • Beryl47
    19/02/24 09:08

    Why do they do it? They always twirl in a counterclockwise direction, and always go about 20 degrees at a time. Someone said they must be bots. Is that possible? What if you friended one? Would you be friends with a bot? I just can't understand why any real life human person would ever do that. It doesn't make sense to me. I just tap the ball I'm interested in. Twirling around like that is just wierd if you ask me.

  • Beryl47
    19/02/24 09:02

    Cue Twirler Hate Thread

  • Dean41
    08/02/24 02:19

    How to use wild cards

  • Rafael78
    17/01/24 06:57

    Co and ca chalk

  • Lisa26
    07/01/24 01:04

    Using special chalk is a joke. You want to beat someone then beat them with the basic chalk! Don’t high behind fake high averages if you are using special chalk …

  • Patty98
    31/12/23 08:53

    What are ALL the ways to get quest points without spending cash?

  • Nana76
    15/12/23 02:25

    Points charged per game

  • Rie15
    15/12/23 01:33

    If you figure me out, forgive me please my shattered screen acts up sometimes not letting me aim

  • Rie15
    15/12/23 12:44

    Please forgive, another short rant. Not all cue to rail before contact is considered or counted as a kick shot, similarly soft kiss shot when the object ball clearly won't go to the corner it's in with legal contact are not counted. Not upsetting to me just a little disappointed

  • Rie15
    15/12/23 12:46

    Maybe devs have to make everyone feel a little special every now and again i guess lol

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 11:58

    Is there a stage for unlock where all shots must be called? This is something i would work to unlock, if not i guess Sakura is the end of the line for me here aside from journey i guess. If 9 ball was a standard stage that'd be great too. This losses to people who don't even attempt to play positions or English, only Max power for 70+% of there shots. Like wtf jumping doesn't even require Max power this is a finesse game not a bs luck game

  • Shary44
    25/09/23 11:50

    No Videos available

  • Sayuri16
    21/08/23 11:19

    Ok. My beef is with players who senselessly twirl their stick around 360 degrees before shots. Why do they do that? I’d like to get on with play. I suggest we all twirl it 3-4 times before each shot to waste their time like they waste ours. My rant is complete.

  • Beryl47
    19/02/24 08:59

    These people who twirl their cue around always follow the same sequence. They always go counter clockwise, they always go like 20 degrees at a time. Maybe they are bots? But so many have names? Like they are real people. But why would real people do something so senseless?

  • Beryl47
    19/02/24 08:55

    I change my mind. These people who do this are just crazy.

  • Richard10
    31/01/24 03:12

    No disrespect intended, but I think those players may be physically handicapped. They may not have total freedom of movement.

  • Gustav75
    23/12/23 02:50

    Players who twirl their sticks are bots.

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 11:30

    It's definitely annoying, agreed. Just curious though, have you never accidentally stroked and shot when trying still to adjust your aim? Quick tip, tap the screen near where you want to aim. This is instant aim adjustment

  • Nadine23
    13/09/23 03:12

    Annoys me too.

  • Chantal60
    19/08/23 10:55

    how to transfer your game to new device

  • Itoe15
    15/08/23 01:44

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  • Noel32
    13/06/23 05:28

    I'm still confused about how to move up in rank for the Maldives weekly quest...I keep playing games and winning without seeing my score change or my ranking. Are there simply times that the weekly quest is not "active"? Similarly, it seems like the Kingdom Season 7 was active earlier today and I could play it, but now it is "closed" until later? Very confusing...

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 10:11

    Kingdom is on a timer and not always available. Cue parts are required for rank up in all stages as far as i can tell

  • Noel32
    12/06/23 09:57

    The Infinity 8 ball app generally follows the rules of the BCA (Billiard Congress of America) EXCEPT in this (very important and annoying) case regarding legal shots (ALL CAPS is mine for emphasis):
    3.19 LEGAL SHOT
    Unless otherwise stated in a specific game rule, a player must CAUSE THE CUE BALL TO CONTACT A LEGAL OBJECT BALL AND THEN:
    (a) Pocket a numbered ball, or;
    (b) Cause the cue ball or any numbered ball to contact a cushion or any part of the rail. Failure to meet these requirements is a foul.

    The problem is that Infinity 8 ball counts a shot as legal when the cue ball hits the rail first and then hits a legal object ball in which that ball (and no others) either touch a rail or go into a pocket. This is a foul and should be ball in hand. I have played against several people that use this technique, which is annoying and not a legal shot. Put another way after I hit a legal object ball, some other ball has to hit the rail for it to be a legal safety shot (Infinity 8 ball does not have the capability to call a "safety" and allow the player to pocket a ball, which is also a legal BCA-approved strategy", but this is more of a nit).

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 10:15

    Soft shot doesn't go slow enough to make a 4 inch safety pinning cue and object ball/balls against a rail in this game. Generally i would agree with you about the foul but not with minimum stroke being as HARD as it is

  • Noel32
    09/06/23 10:10

    I am enjoying the game and find the most of the ball physics pretty realistic, which is impressive. I don't think spin is factored into the object ball as much as it would be in real life and the shot-making is really exaggerated (89.99 degree cuts into a side pocket at a 60 degree angle...

    I am VERY confused about the different "places" (i.e., Greek Ruins vs. Maldives) and why I should move between them (or not - the app keeps defaulting me to Greek Ruins if I finish a game on Maldives). I am also VERY confused about how to advance within a level - I've played 100 games at Greek Ruins at Rank 7 and I don't seem to be getting any closer to a new rank - does playing and winning help advance me or is it only opening treasure chests?

  • Katrina60
    23/08/23 06:05

    Weekly, you are focused to one particular “stage” (Greek, Maldives, etc). All your quests and many rewards are focused on that stage.
    You can play on anything, but you’ll keep getting focused to that particular stage until it changes on Monday.

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 10:19

    I was sure that the default stage you are on was related to the weekly points. Advance or decline there will be what changes your default stage

  • Van39
    08/06/23 12:07

    How many of the sphinx are need to complete an egypt level

  • Bertha40
    08/06/23 12:06

    How many of the sphinx are need to complete an egypt level

  • Gert46
    22/05/23 08:29

    Each Division rank (Veteran, Expert, Master, etc.) has perks. Each Division has one that says: “Reduce the Pot Chest CD by x%.” Can someone say what the “CD” is? Thanks!

  • Katrina60
    23/08/23 06:06

    Count Down time.

  • Katrina73
    09/06/23 07:07

    Cool down

  • Katrina71
    15/05/23 09:33

    Can anyone tell me how to use or change common things like marmor, wine of dionysos, Wassertropfen, Muscheltränen etc.? I won thousands of them but no idea what to do with them. Thanks perma

  • Gert46
    22/05/23 08:41

    You can use them as cue parts when upgrading your cues in each quest location. (See this in the tab with the 3 cues in a rack.) If you need more of one or more parts, either be patient by keep playing or you may be able to exchange wild cards (if you have enough) for parts, try the Daily Deals, or keep playing the 8 ball wheel.

  • Isaac16
    14/05/23 11:26

    I've had it... going to find another pool game

  • Peter82
    16/12/23 08:40

    Why it’s the best on the market I guess

  • Isaac16
    13/05/23 11:52

    anyone having issues with getting rewards through videos? haven't been able to get them for 3+ weeks

  • Sayuri21
    30/04/23 10:01

    Why video rewards not working for 6 +hours today

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 10:22

    I've found, if you try and "no videos available" happens, wait, count to 10 and try again, your rewards vid should play now. Sometimes you may have to try a couple wait & count. I just skip the headache now myself lol

  • Emily83
    15/12/23 06:33

    Just hit it a second time and a video will load.

  • Shary98
    29/04/23 10:15

    What are the different ways, besides completing daily and weekly quests, doing the daily exchange, and opening the daily chest that you can get points? I purchased the gold pass, but I'm still 200 points down from the top player and I've completed all the daily and weekly quests.

  • Katrina60
    23/08/23 06:12

    It’s possibly that the other person completed daily quests before you joined in (they started Monday, you started Tuesday…)
    There’s also an ongoing quest at the very bottom of the quest tab, that you can get a few stars/points. It may be “pass star challenge one time” and the other person is continually playing, so they get points all throughout the day.

  • Fay77
    23/03/23 12:26

    I find it unfair that players spend money only to have the app developers program it so that they can use their own players to keep others from advancing to keep other players spending money so they can advance. It is unfair and subscribers to this app should be re-embersed for their commtiment and trust in the developer/owner of this app. Shame on you!

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 10:30

    Maybe you just need more practice... I'm f2p and an (apa) 5-8 ball, 6-9 ball and I've seen lost of bs luck happen for people using no English and max power in 90% of their shots. Talk about not trying lol. Also, how many people have the hustle king badge 3star before 1000 games played? I got ball 5000 on my 8 ball shot in game 900 soooo...

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 11:40

    I meant to mention my STYLE of shooting is 98% English and 2% straight soft shot. Forgot i played BSA for a season and was if i recall correctly, i was a 68/78... 1 inning matches tend to keep you high ranking even with losses if you're pocketing enough balls. Wish my back would let me continue with my favorite sport.

  • Alex78
    19/03/23 04:54

    Hey Hanna

  • Hanna72
    19/03/23 02:35

    Nobody anywhere online or in the community cab answer what the wild cards are for! Help all of us who are asking, please!

  • Van39
    08/06/23 12:16

    The wild cards are the ultimate card needed to buy the essential pieces that will help you move up a level. They are the most desired card to attain so when an opportunity presents itself to obtain some do so. I am 4 wild cards short of reaching the 100 necessary to purchase either a sphinx or judgment piece in the Egypt level but it doesn't say how many are needed! So it's a gamble. I've taken it and lost once before and don't want to repeat it again. Hope this helped

  • Sally25
    13/03/23 08:06

    PFMlogin hands you a real-time dashboard to track your vehicles, communicate with your drivers, and schedule maintenance for your fleet

  • Earl13
    13/03/23 01:36

    What do you do with wild cards in Infinity 8 ball?

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 10:31

    Exchange for needed cue parts

  • Ivan94
    10/03/23 04:25

    bonjour, j'ai votre jeu sur mon telephone, sur mon bandeau en haut j'ai un 7 bleu en etoile et a cote 584/600, coquille jaune 10918, je n'arrive pas a passer de 584 a 600 pourquoi svp, merci

  • Miyako63
    10/03/23 04:25

    bonjour, j'ai votre jeu sur mon telephone, sur mon bandeau en haut j'ai un 7 bleu en etoile et a cote 584/600, coquille jaune 10918, je n'arrive pas a passer de 584 a 600 pourquoi svp, merci

  • Larry85
    13/02/23 12:01

    How can I post my picture on Infinity 8 Ball Page without signing up for Facebook?

  • Fay77
    23/03/23 12:30

    Learn how to play without chalk. Chalk, amongst other things, is how they make you spend money. I understand that it"s frustrating to play an app assigned player, but just play to play. Don't worry about win loss. Just play. If you enjoy the game without worry of loss, spend no money, then you're one step ahead of the app owners. (ZYNGA)

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 10:32

    Love your response but who's it for?

  • Isidore76
    31/01/23 02:06

    How can I get the Infinity 8 Ball chalk offer 1 for free?

  • Katrina60
    23/08/23 06:14

    You are given chalk in many free rewards within the game. I don’t buy chalk and I have anywhere from 20 to 70 of various chalks to use if I want to.

  • Fay77
    23/03/23 12:31

    Learn how to play without chalk. Chalk, amongst other things, is how they make you spend money. I understand that it"s frustrating to play an app assigned player, but just play to play. Don't worry about win loss. Just play. If you enjoy the game without worry of loss, spend no money, then you're one step ahead of the app owners. (ZYNGA)

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 11:44

    I lovingly refer to the chalk i refuse to use as "cheater chalk" lmao

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 10:33

    Found it 😁

  • Richard54
    19/01/23 11:59


  • Rie15
    14/12/23 11:46

    Won't find me there again.

  • Nadine22
    19/01/23 10:02

    Stuck at baron 1

  • Otto60
    25/01/23 01:52


  • Larry85
    15/01/23 12:36

    How do I put my picture on the game

  • Katrina60
    23/08/23 06:15

    Link it to Facebook.

  • Ana58
    07/01/23 08:51

    I have same issue….won’t move me up to viscount

  • Katrina73
    09/06/23 07:10

    That's not a glitch. You have to purchase the upgrade pass. Baron 1 is the highest you can go for free. That's by design.

  • Kate69
    04/01/23 07:42

    I’m stuck at Baron I in kingdom season 2. No matter how many games I win it will not move me up to Viscount V. I have sent them 3 messages with no reply. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Katrina60
    23/08/23 06:16

    Most will say you have to buy a pass, but I have moved up as I’ve consistently won, and also when I rank up.

  • Kate70
    26/04/23 09:34

    Exact same issue here

  • Tony54
    21/02/23 04:36


  • Bertha15
    21/12/22 03:41

    Having troubles in buying gems,money,wild cards,because the won't let me change my old e,ail for a new recent new email. Tried several times to change with no new email is

  • Nadine22
    10/12/22 08:36

    Since 3 days I can't login at server. Located in the Netherlands. Device android; Huawei. Am I the only one, or is something changed in the app?

  • Rie15
    14/12/23 10:35

    Try clearing app catch and data, then delete and download again

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