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  • Kyle65
    24/03/24 05:20

    EPG not installing properly. Some channels nothing some next show. Using iptv smarters lite epg works great. Am i missing a link to epg on istb

  • Ophelia85
    05/03/24 06:29


  • Gert96
    27/01/24 06:27

    I paid for so many IPTV apps that run on the Apple TV. none is as good as isb. The 12.99 euros were worth it to me. istb app is the best of all in my opinion.

  • Nicole56
    11/10/23 09:44

    Kudos on one of the best IPTV apps in the iOS ecosystem! Any chance you're working on improving the AppleTV/Casting functionality? Would be amazing to use central iSTB install on iPhone or iPad across any tv in the house.

  • Paula59
    09/08/23 01:08

    How to forward and backup a Movie and why does it quit the movie after a longer pause?

  • Cindy11
    23/10/23 04:14

    Use remote to highlight player scrub bar and advance it.

  • Nadine88
    06/08/23 08:58

    Looking for information if you can setup multiple genre " Like News and Sports"?
    Thank you.

  • Rebekah60
    02/03/23 07:01

    Hi,is the istb app good for android and firestick

  • Arlene100
    23/01/23 02:04

    I use iSTB-TV app on Apple TV. I noticed that when I favorite TV Shows, only the first 3-4 of those appear in the Favorites categories. The rest do not. I also noticed that in each of the categories, while you can filter and sort the listings. There is no way to filter or sort down to just the favorites.

    These two features would be very handy if you can add. Without these I find myself searching for the same apps everyday. Please review and advise.

  • Isaac99
    21/12/22 12:09

    Can this app be used on firestick

  • Michelle94
    06/10/22 03:10

    I paid for the full pro version of iSTB. Mainly for PIP. But I have no idea how to enable it. It any option. For it

  • Helene82
    24/06/22 06:27

    Is this one time paid app or you have to pay every month?

  • Miwa54
    28/10/21 03:19

    I am having issues with the video not working with my iptv. I have 2 apple tv 4k units, both with istb, in different rooms. They are both connected by ethernet but using different mac addresses. Usually I can have both working and no issue but lately it has been very unreliable getting video. I have the listings and guide show but no video. I can usually have one on but the other doesn't work. Other times neither is working.
    Could there be an issue after updating the apple tv's? both running iO

  • Jerry94
    02/11/22 06:04

    We are Xoomplus IPTV based in USA, do reach us out on +19295600454 and get promotional winter discounts

  • Bret79
    08/07/21 02:14

    I bought the IPTV _ iSTB player and I installed it on my mac computer and my iPhone. I would like to install it on my Android TV box as well. Is it free or do I have to pay for the download of the Android application?

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