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  • Cindy18
    17/01/24 03:09

    Has anyone in the queue reached zero and received money?

  • Paloma46
    18/11/23 05:28

    Where is this real money they so call claim I know bout waiting for the queue thingy but who actually received their money and why out of all things do you gotta wait so long in who’d can we contact except the email

  • Ophelia71
    08/11/23 05:46

    Has this game ever paid anyone?

  • Philippe35
    03/11/23 05:57

    But I’m not a Phillipe mother of GOD! I’m Hope! And a woman! Can’t they do better with the names! Lord

  • Philippe35
    03/11/23 05:56

    My thoughts about this are I’m giving the queue a fair chance because the game actually has a contact and a forum. And if they were fake- why would they even have that?

  • Philippe35
    03/11/23 05:51

    My queue has gone from 6-7000 to about 2000… let’s see if they pay. If not I’ll report them

  • Philippe35
    03/11/23 05:50

    Don’t waist time going to 1000.00 it’s all the same

  • Philippe35
    03/11/23 05:49

    Have good internet and watch your queue

  • Kirk87
    02/11/23 10:52

    I’ve been “queued” for over a week now, after the 3-5 days.
    I was wondering if anyone ever received payment?

  • Omar27
    31/10/23 10:58

    I'm sure I'll day of old age before I'll ever see a cent. It's just so disappointing. Why isn't there any accountability?

  • Odette15
    28/10/23 08:29

    I love this game and I’ve been told I’ll see pay out in one to 3 days . No payout. Completely disappointed.

  • Paloma90
    25/10/23 05:16

    Did Natural World Match3 go down it no longer works on iPad pro

  • Paloma90
    24/10/23 12:04

    Has anyone received money in their PayPal account

  • Odette15
    28/10/23 08:29


  • Claudette81
    22/10/23 07:41

    This game pay Real Money.

  • Ayumi14
    08/10/23 08:26

    Will it pay real money or not

  • Lorenzo75
    23/09/23 07:13

    Light up the board

  • Kazuko65
    22/09/23 11:36

    So I recently started playing natural world match 3. The only reason I started playing was because I thought I could actually win money. I followed the directions until I realized after I hit a certain amount of “money” I was barely increasing my total so I tried to cash out early. It wouldn’t let me and I couldn’t undo it so I started over. This time I actually reached my pay out goal and I still can’t cash out because there’s “ no network”. If this game is not a scam how do I get the money I won?

  • Ernesto50
    18/10/23 10:10

    Did you figure this out? Now mine is saying no network. Which is super annoying.

  • Olga38
    26/01/24 12:42

    Did yours get network? Mine has now gone to no network after waiting two days to go down from 6000 people infront to 4000.

  • Philippe35
    03/11/23 05:55

    Don’t delete the app until your queue has hit zero and u know for a fact if they are real or fake

  • Pablo23
    25/10/23 06:46

    I scored 1000 dollars as they said I can cash out directly without any conditions. After that they are showing success, and saying it will take 3-15 Workings days to transfer your money to paypal. Lets see what happens

  • Leslie60
    13/11/23 08:55

    Ciao pablo, hai ricevuto i soldi? Anche io sono arrivato a 800 dollari sul gioco e ho incassato senza problemi. Devo aspettare dai 3-15 giorni per riceverli... É vero?

  • Philippe35
    03/11/23 05:54

    It’s all about your queue in line not the days. So problem is; if it’s saying 6000….. you have to get to zero. Watch the queue. Days is when they put u into queue. And queue is a bank thing so many people are due money. Kinda like IRS - when everyone is due tax returns at the same time… lmao!

  • Fabian77
    28/08/23 02:10

    Does this app pay real money or is it for fun

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