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  • Harvey52
    25/08/23 07:53

    The tap to build side game Japan event. I have blocks with vines covering them but can't figure out what to do. I tap on it and it has a purple heart with a number in it (1-7 depending) and then a yellow triangle flashes on a couple of surrounding blocks but I don't know what it means???

  • Isaac99
    30/07/23 07:26

    4 days the game wont finish loading on Facebook

  • Otto98
    17/07/23 06:38

    Get rid of the stupid bird! It’s just annoying.

  • Sam47
    15/07/23 03:47

    Tired of your game being interrupted by the golden car? Make it one of the last 5 or 6 cars you unpark. The game won't stop and you'll still get your 100 points. It's like a side-game for me

  • Sam47
    15/07/23 03:44

    How am I supposed to free the pigeon if I can't see the pigeon, Popcore geniuses? Honestly, could you make the banner covering the car even bigger? Maybe so we can't see the cars around it too?

  • Hermine36
    15/07/23 01:23

    Ok who else is playing this game!? I am loving it, it’s my number one game! Then the gold car🙄. Now this bird!!!??? Why keep changing something that’s great!? The bird is ruining it!!!!

  • Lee73
    31/05/23 06:34

    Parking Jam 3D, "no ads available even though I'm connected to WiFi on my phone..

  • Rose60
    18/04/23 02:17

    I still have an hour left to get Easter prizes. I got most of them but just need the cars with bunnies, exhaust of carrots and the new bunny landscape. But all it is letting my do is buy them! I should still be allowed to win them I have an hour left. I am still collecting eggs……

  • Grace27
    27/02/23 03:52

    The golden car stops play in the middle of the game. Can you opt out of the golden car?

  • Grace27
    27/02/23 03:50

    Can I get rid of the golden car.

  • Ivan15
    30/01/23 07:02

    How can I get the Halloween Offer and Life Restore for free in Parking Jam 3D?

  • Frances65
    23/06/22 05:31

    How do you get the challenge build car? Been playing

  • Isidore92
    01/10/21 03:14

    Dans le jeu, on ne peut pas r

  • Richard49
    30/08/21 01:09

    Why is it on the hard challenges I am not getting my full reward? It

  • Gustav59
    14/06/21 10:26

    Has anybody else got an airplane with the message

  • Katrina34
    28/07/22 12:51

    Bonjour, j'ai le m

  • Iris46
    18/02/21 12:01

    Bonjour j

  • Iris46
    09/10/20 10:38

    Bonjour à tous,
    J'ai besoin d'un conseil. Dans le jeu parking jame 3D, il faut obtenir des points pour valider le smooth exits du niveau. Mais à par traduit sortie lente, comment on fait pour le valider. J'ai rien compris.

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