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  • Ivan81
    16/04/23 07:21

    love this game. only thing i would like to see is more HD airports where the gates can be accessed. But other then that, the people who involved in this have done a great job. such a good game

  • Victor64
    01/02/23 08:03

    How can I get RFS Pro for free in RFS - Real Flight Simulator?

  • Richard37
    28/07/22 02:36

    Can the F15 be added in RFS its an amazing jets and I really wanna fly about in it!

  • Oscar40
    13/07/22 04:52

    Abonnement d

  • Victor19
    12/02/22 12:46

    How to you respect the fuel estimated flight time?

  • Vince21
    02/01/22 03:12

    Hello ! I'm flying in multiplayer for some time but since few minutes, it's written "disconnected" on the middle up of my screen. So I can fly but not see other planes and cannot chat and I am afraid that I'll not get my FP at the end of the session...
    Do you guys have an idea how to reconnect ??
    Thanks from France :)

  • Miharu48
    16/12/21 07:14

    Boa tarde!

    Alguem tamb

  • Marco34
    04/10/21 11:47

    Can we add the Antonov in the next update

  • Nicholas77
    21/09/21 11:13


  • Nicholas77
    21/09/21 11:13


  • Iris46
    07/03/21 05:53

    Hola chicos una pregunta el registro de vuelo tarda en actulizar? Por que mis vurlos de los ultimos 3 dias no me aparecen

  • Iris46
    01/01/21 10:29


  • Iris46
    12/04/20 11:23

    Sin querer eh comprando la versión paga y necesito mi dinero. Como solicito un reembolso?

  • Iris46
    31/03/20 05:24

    Wann kommt das nächste update und was beinhaltet dieses? Habe bisher nirgens was gefunden.

  • Tony11
    16/03/20 10:44

    Hola, he pagado la subscipcion y me sale que ya esta activa en otro dispositivo y no me funciona, sabéis que puedo hacer?

  • Iris46
    12/04/20 11:23

    Pudiste solucionarlo o solicitaste un reembolso? Te devolvieron el dinero?

  • William42
    31/01/20 01:01

    Message d’erreur abonnement deja actif sur un autre appareil aider moi a resoudre le problème merci

  • Toshie21
    12/09/21 10:06


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