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  • Vince52
    08/07/24 07:20

    new card collections are terrible and waste play minutes

  • Yumi72
    18/06/24 08:51

    Please come to my team (Active Carnivor) thanks

  • Walter62
    26/01/24 04:47

    90 second ads interrupting games I play when you boast of no ads in your stupid game! Your ads are why I will never download royal match. Yes, you are losing potential gamers.

  • Noel52
    16/02/24 05:36


  • Bill91
    04/12/23 03:11

    Hey admin, can you delete the "alcohol" spam, it's making me feel drunk

  • Fabian75
    25/11/23 03:34

    I’d like a game of just Kings Nightmare. That is what is advertised yet few opportunities during play.

  • Florence94
    21/11/23 09:45

    Hi. I have been a fan for years and spent a fair bit on bundles but since this increase from 900 coins to 1500 coins for extra lives I refuse to spend another penny. Unless we take a stand on this the developers will just get greedier

  • Erin68
    20/11/23 06:23

    Why are some players now paying 1900 coins to play on instead of 900 ?

  • Walter62
    18/11/23 06:23

    Royal Match advertises there are no ads in their game, while they inundate other games with their ads. That is why I will never play that game. You ruin gaming in other games, disgusting! Post this to your forum if you want to hear how many other people feel the same.

  • Toshie43
    06/11/23 12:41

    Game had bots. So you can't win weekly contest if the makers of the game don't want you to.

  • Chantal49
    20/08/23 05:31

    I would never play it only because their annoying advertising. What do they think we are? All their ads are displayed to me dozens of times each day. Do they know what a frecquency cap means? Are they consciuos on how they are throwing their money to every day more and more bored and angry potential users?
    Their "if-I-force-you-to-go-to-my-site-I-will-engage-you" journey is absolutely ridiculous and annoying.
    Blame on them.

  • Wanda37
    07/07/23 07:11

    I thought something wonderful was supposed to happen after level 5901?

  • Miyuki36
    07/07/23 03:53

    This game has the longest and most annoying commercials! Stop wasting people’s time. The graphics are so cute but the length of the ads and amount of screens I have to sit through makes me so frustrated that I would never download the game!!!!

  • Dolly58
    20/02/23 10:14

    Hey, so have any of you come up to this situation: When there are 'no more moves' but you have a bonus active on the board (helicopter), the game shuffles the chips around it - doesn't make you use the bomb? It happened to me on one level, but it doesn't anymore.

  • Vicky55
    11/11/22 01:10

    I was wondering why in all the other games they have all these fun Kings nightmares but I haven't found any of those puzzles in the game itself and I am on level 2200. Is there a secret to finding them.

  • Isaac47
    11/03/23 07:44

    I get offers to play Kings Nightmare as I approach a major level. These offers to play KN can be turned down, and you simply then get a normal play at the same level.

  • Edouard73
    06/11/22 04:18

    How do you fix the verification required?

  • Bret14
    18/09/22 05:29

    Hi. I love this game but I get very annoyed when I am made to wait sometimes almost half an hour before I can play again. Do I have to pay my way back in??

  • Isaac47
    18/02/23 12:22

    Assumi g you are on a Team, Post a message to no one in particular suggesting that giving lives is a free and polite gesture one can give to another. The hoped-for result might be more lives coming your way with less and less wait times for new lives 🙏. Good luck!

  • Kaori19
    24/05/22 01:08

    Hello! I invite you to the newly minted team called Monte Carlo, the icon of the Monaco flag team. The team is young and promising. Everyone is happy to see!)

  • Rie50
    20/05/22 10:39

    Team Puppy__Love is an active team of daily members that enjoy competing against the world. Join us and have fun in the team events

  • Felix23
    19/04/22 05:04

    Bonjour, j'ai fait une mauvaise manip, et malheureusement j'ai perdue, l'

  • Marco20
    08/04/22 09:40


  • Arthur53
    01/03/22 08:08

    Team Folla has a few openings / high activity and lots of team rewards - join us!

  • Frances96
    28/02/22 12:06

    Why does kings nightmare keep crashing? I

  • Chris83
    25/02/22 07:36

    O co chodzi z tymi kopertami? Wszystkie pola mam wyczyszczone, a plansza nie jest zaliczana - czy s? jakie? specjalne ruchy przy tych kopertach?

  • Reina73
    13/02/22 01:14

    Jeu simple pour les petits et les grands, au d

  • Michelle56
    25/01/22 03:53

    So is there a level where you actually start trying to save the king as it shows in the advertisement???

  • Pablo89
    11/01/22 06:54

    I am stuck on level 139 - any tips ?

  • Pablo89
    11/01/22 06:53


  • Rene14
    05/01/22 10:51

    Je suis au niveau 1429 et j

  • Kyle61
    03/01/22 11:28

    Join my team
    We are looking for players

  • Isaac47
    18/02/23 12:23

    Lol, perhaps you should post the name of your team for better results 🤔

  • Hanna81
    24/11/21 07:45

    I'm searching for great players for my PISA team! I have just a few places please join!

  • Junko95
    29/10/21 09:33

    New team: Couch potatoes ! Join and let's be active and send our teammates lives!

  • Sebastien71
    24/08/21 09:17

    Please join our team Royal and loyal

  • Richard63
    04/08/21 10:50

    Bonjour. J

  • Iris46
    07/04/21 03:15

    Hi, when does the King and dog arrive? What level?

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