Bloons TD 6 Version History

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Delve into the extensive archive of Bloons TD 6 APK versions, featuring detailed notes and compatibility information for each of the 9 version histories collected since Feb 15, 2024. This page is dedicated to fans looking to explore the evolution of Bloons TD 6.

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What's New in the Latest Version 41.2

Sublime New Year Update! - Minor bug fixes.
• Deploy arrays of high yield missiles or harness the true power of the Bloontonium Core with the Monkey Sub Paragon, Nautic Siege Core!
• Broil the Bloons on new Intermediate map, Sulfur Springs!
• Team up against any Boss on any Map with Co-op Boss Challenge!
• New Map Editor props, paths, areas and functionality.
• Plus new Quests, Trophy Store items, Quality of Life improvements, and balance changes.

Battle stations!

Bloons TD 6 APK Version History

Below is a list of APK file versions for Bloons TD 6. Please note that download links for each version might not be available, or only accessible after the developer's approval.

Bloons TD 6 v41.2
Bloons TD 6 v39.2
Minor bug fixes Monumental Feature Update!! • Map creation comes to Bloons TD 6! Use the Map Editor to create custom maps and share them with your friends and the community!
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Bloons TD 6 v37.3
Fixes for: Crash using Chinook to move a tower on certain maps Round progression with Bosses in Contested Territory Bloons TD 6 Anniversary Update!
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Bloons TD 6 v34.3
Various bug fixes.<br> Mega Holidays Update!<br>
Bloons TD 6 v32.2
Various bug fixes for Contested Territory and general gameplay.<br> creator support added.
Bloons TD 6 v30.2
Achievement fix and challenge browser fix. New Content Update! - Battle your way through the new Advanced Map: Sunken Columns - Bring the noise with the new Psi skin: Psimbals!
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Bloons TD 6 v27.3
Boss continue cost fix.<br> <br> Epic Boss-sized content update!<br>
Bloons TD 6 v24.2
Collection event now correctly gives rewards in all cases, Recurring Rangs Monkey Knowledge added back. Draw steel and slice through Bloons like never before with the new Swordmaster Hero Sauda!
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Bloons TD 6 v20.1
Odyssey farmer issue fixed, Mesa removables and Robo Monkey fix plus other minor issues resolved New content update! - Attack drones deployed! Welcome to the new air-based hero - Etienne!
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Bloons TD 6 v16.2
Performance improvements and crash fixes Community colab update! Our first ever fan-designed, fan-voted Advanced map: Geared! Beware of moving parts.
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If you need help downloading specific version APK files, visit the Bloons TD 6 forum.

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