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Company: ChalkLink, LLC

App Genre: Navigation

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Version: 1.3.3

Updated 11/01/22

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Bronx Zoo - ZooMap is a navigation application developed by ChalkLink, LLC and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 13.0+ and Android 4.4+. It requires 66MB of free space for IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) installation.

小孩動物區 | 樹屋挑戰 | 彩色狒狒- 山魈。childrens zoo | bronx zoo

Zoo map, info and navigation

What is Bronx Zoo?

Welcome to the BetterMaps ZooMap app, Bronx Zoo version. Our custom interactive map plans the shortest route to your destination. Our mapping works even if you don't have a signal (web-based maps can't do that). Find animals, rides & attractions, food and more and our map will guide you to your destination. Get food (or a beer) and find the bathrooms when you're done (quickly!) Walk around knowing you don't have to remember where you parked (we do that for you - then bring you back to the car at the end of a long day). So have fun and get mapped. Free! - other zoos coming soon.

ZooMap is not affiliated with the Bronx Zoo but we are a New York company (located in Brooklyn), and we LOVE the Bronx Zoo. When our CEO saw people enter the zoo and rush to a poorly executed wall map or try to navigate using an outdated paper map (uh, save the planet much?) he knew we could help. Our goal is to increase your fun, while saving your time (and trees).

The BetterMaps ZooMap, Bronx Zoo version truly is the best way to explore the Bronx Zoo (more zoos are coming online very soon) without missing anything that you and/or the family want to see during your visit. The ZooMap digital guide brings you a whole new level of closeness to everything the Bronx Zoo has to offer. Once you have found what you are looking for, our custom algorithm shows you route overview, how away you are, and approximate time to walk there. Simply hit Go and just follow the blue line to get there. Our flashlight points you in the right direction (use your phone as a wayfinder). Veer off the path, no problem, our map adapts to your movements and reroutes instantly.

Tap onscreen icons, use the search bar or drop down menu to find animals, food, rides and attractions – even bathrooms and water fountains on those hot days. Soon you will be able to receive notifications concerning feeding times, ride closures or any other up to the minute information you need to have the best time possible in the zoo.

ZooMap Features

- Upon arrival you can save your parking location and BetterMaps will bring you right back to where you parked at the end of the day – no more having to use your door lock fob to find your car beeping in the distance.

- Use our menus to learn about the animals, species and where they are from.

- Find Animals, Exhibits, Rides, Restaurant and shopping, then click the MapMe walker icon. You will see how far and approximate time to walk there. Click Go and our live map will bring you to your destination. Veer off course and BetterMaps will adapt in real time.

- Receive notifications updating you on ride and animal closures
- Receive discounts from surrounding businesses

BetterMaps takes maps to a whole new level – the micro-level. We create maps for smaller spaces, such as zoos, amusement parks, cemeteries and even municipalities and outdoor malls. Use Google or Apple Maps to get you there, use BetterMaps to get around. check out our website:

But we do more than just help you visitors navigate, we provide communications as well – send out the latest news and updates, tell your visitors what’s going on before they arrive.

Get information into the hands of your customers: food and drink specials, shopping deals, popup sales and other updates to make their day more rewarding and keep them coming back.

Need help? Join our Bronx Zoo forum to ask questions, get help, and discuss the app with other users from around the world. If you would like to cancel your subscription or delete your account, please visit our Bronx Zoo Cancel & Delete page for further instructions.

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Has everything that’s in the Bronx zoo

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Gps included , guide to park

Show me what I want to see!

This app may be useful when you’re at the zoo, but not when you’re planning your trip. 1) The menu is not useful outside the zoo: If I find the butterfly garden in the list of experiences, the app should show me the location. But outside the zoo, the app can’t show you how to walk there, so it won’t highlight the butterflies on the map. 2) The map is also not useful outside the zoo: it’s too overwhelmed by the many large icons. Let me choose which icons to see! If I’m using public transit, let m

Very helpful

Got us around d with ease

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