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Company: Builderment LLC

App Genre: Simulation

Ratings: 4.61

Version: 1.6.1

Released: Jun 08, 2021

Updated Sep 01, 2022

Downloads: 1,103

Builderment is a simulation and strategy game app developed by Builderment LLC and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This free app is compatible with iOS 12.0 and later and requires 34MB of free space to be installed on your device.

Builderment part 1 getting started - ios/android mobile full gameplay walkthrough

What is Builderment?

Builderment is a factory building game at heart. It’s all about crafting and automation. You start by harvesting resources and crafting items in factories. Use those crafted items to research new technology and recipes to craft ever more complex items.

Earth has run out of resources... You have been sent to a distant planet to extract its infinite resources and craft items to send back to Earth. You'll need to establish a base on this planet to build factories and production lines to automate the assembly of items.

* Build factories on a massive scale
* Use conveyor belts to transport items between factories
* Craft dozens of unique items
* Research technology to build more advanced buildings
* Expand to harvest every resource on the map

Subscription deals, coupons, and add-on discounts:

Promo codes are currently inactive, but you can enhance your Builderment experience by adding items such as:

  • Advanced World Settings
  • Bunch of Gems
  • Bunch of Gems
  • Chest of Gems
  • Chest of Gems

and more can be found through in-app purchases in the app.

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Download Builderment

Builderment can also be downloaded from the following language pages:
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Download Builderment for PC (Windows/Mac Os)

To get the Builderment App on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide on using Bluestacks to install APK files on your computer. If you enjoyed the Builderment simulation app, then you'll also enjoy our list of apps like Builderment.

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Featured Reviews Builderment

I love the game

Ye love the game although i wish it had an option that when your phone is off us still runing in the background so yo u dont have to be in the app for the research challenges

Green line go up

The industrial revolution and its consequences.

This game is nuts.

By far the best game I’ve played in years and because it’s low budget small-app ad-free bliss. The game is simple but needs a clear end objective such as a menu of silly cosmetic items to work towards.


So awesome and flawless the only thing I would add is a new ore and more upgrades.

Great but I found a game breaking bug

Hello! This game is great, I made $15M in game , then pretty much deleted my entire map and started over, bringing all resources to the center of the map. In doing so, I believe I deleted my research center. Now I cannot build a new as it says my limit is reached. I cannot find this research center anywhere but the game thinks I have one. Other than that, great game! I like the additions of blueprints!

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