Cargo Simulator 2021 Version History

Huseyin Seckin Demir

Delve into the extensive archive of Cargo Simulator 2021 APK versions, featuring detailed notes and compatibility information for each of the 9 version histories collected since Nov 11, 2022. This page is dedicated to fans looking to explore the evolution of Cargo Simulator 2021.

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What's New in the Latest Version 1.17

---- v1.17 ----
- Improved graphics system and shadows
- Controllable Player Characters and Walk Mode
- Rest areas
- Chat feature in Multiplayer Mode (Interact other players in the rest areas)
- Tunnels
- Snow buildup
- New customization options
- Tire blowout
- Improved sounds
- Improved truck physics
- Improved traffic AI

Cargo Simulator 2021 APK Version History

Below is a list of APK file versions for Cargo Simulator 2021. Please note that download links for each version might not be available, or only accessible after the developer's approval.

Cargo Simulator 2021 v1.17
Cargo Simulator 2021 v1.15
----- v1.15 ----- - New truck: Mercures Axe1840 - New cargos: Hay stack, marble block - Larger areas with increased player limit in Multiplayer Quick Mode - Transparent background for navigation in interior view
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Cargo Simulator 2021 v1.51
--------------v1.51--------------------- - New truck: Lord Type-F - Memory optimizations - GPS shows direction arrows at the intersections - Player positions and directions are shown on the map in Multiplayer mode
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Cargo Simulator 2021 v1.48
--------------v1.48--------------------- - Multiplayer (Beta version) is released!!! - Screen rotation support
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Cargo Simulator 2021 v1.44
--------------v1.44--------------------- - Weather Conditions: Rain/Snow - Wipers - New truck: MAS GTS44 - GPS/Navigation and route selection
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Cargo Simulator 2021 v1.40
--------------v1.40--------------------- - New truck: Volda F1600 - Zoom-in feature on large map - Interior light - Red light violation ticket
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Cargo Simulator 2021 v1.38
--------------v1.38--------------------- - Hills and sloped roads - A new terrain with real elevation map and instant altitude info - New road profile and shoulder - Sea
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Cargo Simulator 2021 v1.30
------ v1.30 ------ - Manual transmission option - Improved truck physics - Better truck sounds - New language option: Portuguese
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Cargo Simulator 2021 v1.02
- Start stop - New horns - Handbrake - Sensitivity setting for steering wheel - Faster trucks
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If you need help downloading specific version APK files, visit the Cargo Simulator 2021 forum.

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