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Updated Nov 03, 2021

Drug Infusion in ICU Emergency is a productivity app developed by SmartMedic LTDA, and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later.

This application was made by doctors to facilitate the day-to-day of the professional who works in urgency, emergency, intensive care or with critically ill patients and need to calculate the concentration of the solutions used and infusion speed quickly. The application has a suggested standard solution based on the schemes most used in intensive care services and allows editing and saving your favorite solutions.

The application also allows the creation of new solutions from the ampoules available in its service, the calculation of the dosage in mL/hour and the possibility of converting the infused speed into an infused concentration and vice versa. In addition, it is possible to view the therapeutic range individually for the patient's weight as guided by some medical bibliographies and the adjustment of this range by the user depending on the objective and clinical judgment. Thus, the application increases patient safety when prescribing these drugs reducing the risk of calculation errors by the professional.

The application also has messages to warn about photosensitive solutions and medications that must be diluted in a specific medium such as physiological solution or glucose solution, thus preventing changes in their therapeutic properties.

The application has a free period of three days with all available features, then the user will be automatically charged by subscription price.

The application is available in english, portuguese and spanish and contains the following drugs:
- Adrenaline
- Amiodarone
- Atracurium
- Cisatracurium
- Clonidine
- Dexmedetomidine
- Dobutamine
- Dopamine
- Esmolol
- Fentanyl
- Furosemide
- Ketamine
- Levosimendana
- Lidocaine
- Midazolam
- Milrinona
- Nitroglycerin
- Sodium nitroprusside
- Noradrenaline
- Octreotide
- Propofol
- Remifentanil
- Rocuronium
- Vasopressin

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