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Company: Bram Van den Broeck

Genre: Entertainment

Ratings: 3

Version: 2.0.26

Downloads: 6

Updated Oct 25, 2020

Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner is an entertainment app developed by Bram Van den Broeck, and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 10.1 or later.

Drumtune pro preset tuner mode for tuning your drums ios

Drum tuning made easy!

Drum tuning isn't always as easy. 
With a drum tuner on your phone, tuning to perfection is much faster & easier!

Drumtune PRO analyzes your drum sound at each hit. It tells you exactly how your drum head is tuned.
This DRUM TUNER helps you to get rid off the guesswork of clearing lug pitches drums by ear, and empowers you to tune your drums to a consistent sound. Every time!

For a cost lower than a pair of drumsticks, you get the most complete drummer-multi tool available today!
Drumtune PRO not only is an ultra-fast drum tuner with pitch detection in the widest tuning range out there!
If that's not enough, it also hosts a FULL KIT interval calculator, stores your tuning presets and is packed with a wicked recorder & metronome!

Drumtune PRO on your phone is like pocketing a personal drum-tech!

○○○ DRUM TUNER ○○○
BASIC tuner is handy for a straightforward clearing of your drum heads where you like'm.
PRESET tuner is more advanced. Take your time to get the hang of it.
Once mastered, preset tuner mode helps to understand how the pitch relationship between the drum heads creates a certain timbre dynamic & playing feel!

Define and experiment with tuning intervals between all drums in your kit to let your full kit sound like a balanced set.

Lug tuner mode assists you with tuning your lugs in the correct pattern.
It keeps track of all lug pitch differences, so you can check which rods have to be tuned up or down to clear your drum head.

Follow estimated tuning targets for batter & reso that get you +/- 10% close to your target fundamental tone as a starting point.

Explore your sound beyond the suggested targets in all freedom.
We encourage you to listen carefully to your drum sound.
Experiment with fundamental tones. 
Tweak the pitch relationship between both heads to your own needs! Create a 'drum sound' that fits your style. 

Once you found your 'signature drum sound', measure the pitches of your batter and resonant head. Override the estimates and replace them with your own pitches to store your own sound in a preset so that you can consistently tune to your sound.

Store the tuning of your snares, kicks, toms & floor toms in customizable tuning presets.
Whenever/wherever you need to tune again to the same sound, just load your customized tuning preset to precisely recreate that exact same 'signature drum sound' within minutes.
Tune to a consistent drum sound conveniently and reliably: perfect for gigs, studio work, and rehearsals.

•Cloud-backup/restore presets, excl. recorded sounds!
•Free drum head expansion packs (Evans, Remo & Aquarian)
•Organize/Manage drum kits

Display difference between your actual pitch and the target pitch.
(In cent & in Hz)
Fine-tune your drum precisely.

Full-fledged metronome on board!
•Odd and even meter selection
•Tap, type or adjust BPM 1-400 BPM
•Upbeat & downbeat sound libraries
•Training modes volume selections
•Volume & Panning settings

> Tune to target notes/pitches (Hz/Note)
> Fast & powerful tuning algorithm for accurate pitch difference detection per 0.5 Hz step. (Cents/Hz)
> Tune-up/down indication
> Tuning range +/- 30 Hz-450 Hz

> iOS 10 or newer
> Runs on iPhone 5 & newer
> Will NOT run on: iPhone 4S & older, iPads & iPods

We improve Drumtune PRO based upon your input!
> Email: [email protected]
> FB message: www.facebook.com/DrumtunePRO
> Direct: Shake your phone to report bugs!

Don't over-tighten drum heads!
Pitches of a drum head tuned beyond the tuning range limit may cause erratic/'jumpy' readings displayed as random frequencies below 450 Hz.
So, in case your snare's resonant head is tuned beyond 450 Hz, the app may show an erratic pitch below 450 Hz.

Need help? Join our Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner Forum to discuss your questions, comments and more with other users from all over the world.

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Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner is also available to download in the following countries: Italy | Spain | France

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Featured Reviews Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner


Not what I expected

Reviewed in US on 30 January 2021

My experience is that it never really reads correctly. For example its reading in 100hz and then randomly goes to 253hz or goes way too much down



Reviewed in US on 20 December 2020

The app would give several random reads most of the time when tuning near the edge. Especially when it came to tuning the resonant head of the snare drum.


Excellent App and Customer Support

Reviewed in US on 20 December 2020

I am so impressed with DrumTune Pro. Highly useful to get your drums sounding great. Really helps you to understand the process of tuning which in turn helps you to dial in the sound you’re looking for. Highly recommend.



Reviewed in US on 20 December 2020

Used many tools, torque keys, tension dials etc. always got the sound I wanted, but this app makes quick fine tuning a snap. I play guitar as well and having a tuner for my kit that functions like a guitar tuner is awesome

Jerome Borowski

Simple and great!

Reviewed in US on 20 December 2020

Use this for our drums at school cuz our conductor has no idea how to handle drums.

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