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Company: Amanotes Pte. Ltd.

App Genre: Music

Latest Version: 0.9.59

Released: Jan 03, 2023

Updated Feb 23, 2023

Ratings: 4.83

Downloads: 172

Download Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats, a music and casual game app developed by Amanotes Pte. Ltd., available across iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This free app requires 341MB of free space and iOS 11.0 or later to install.

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What is Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats?

Duet Cats is the perfect game for cat lovers and music enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a fun-filled adventure with cute and cuddly cats who love to sing and battle it out with their musical talents. With a range of levels, and singing of cats to explore, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

All you need to do is feel the rhythm of the cute cat songs and control your 2 hands so the cats are all fed. Simple gameplay, anyone can join in on the fun. Cute popcat all out fun meow

1. Cat Sounds: Feed them and Popcat will sing to you with cute sounds.
2. Duet Cats food: A food store dedicated to your cute popcat.
3. Upgrade Popcat: Various cute cats to collect at store food.
4. Popular music: Cat noies - Remixes of popular songs with cute cat sounds.
5. Cat pictures: based on the famous meme - Popcat, cat sound music and cat cartoon concept game ..meow

In Duet Cats, you'll become a kitty collector as you collect and breed your own adorable cats. Use the music to singing with your furry friends and feed them to keep them healthy and happy. With a variety of skins to choose from, you can customize your cats to your liking.

Duet With All Funny Cats:
Not one but a duet! Your 2 funny cats (blackcat and kitty collector) are singing their adorable meow.. together into a hilarious ensemble. You can fatten them up by feeding them all the falling food. Oops, may they become obese?

Simple But Addictive With 2 Hand Control:
Left, right, and...center, with 2 hands. Use your hand and your observation to move through hundreds of levels of music rhythm falling. It's not easy, but if you get through it all, clap hands kittens

Fun Games For Kids:
Whether you're looking for games for cats or fun games for kids, Duet Cats has something for everyone. Join the Duet Cats to play the popular music game. Relaxing games or challenge yourself with duel and cat battles. You can even imagine are raising a pet!

Duet Cats Shop:
And let's not forget get the fish, ice cream, candy, cake.. for cats - your furry friends can join in on the fun too! A cats food store dedicated to your cute cats. Play songs with their voices, to get more food for them. And you can shop for your cats, too. Plus, with variety breeds of cat: white, cute, and cartoon cats, including the beloved Hello Kitty, popcat meme, very cute in this game.

Popular Songs With Sounds For Cats:
with free songs and music battles, your cute cats can show off them vocal talents and you will also fun singing along with them. Play the game for cats and collect all the cute cats while enjoying the music.

Various Cute Cats To Collect:
If you're bored with the gray and white cat you started with, it's time to change its look! You can pick from many skins to change the cat breed: cute kitty charm, blackcat, monty cat, maru cat, dubstep cat, Chorley cat. Or turn your kitty cat into something completely different: spider cat, Pikachu cat and more, collect them all! These cute fluffy cats are yours. Upgrade your cute cats and feed them through Duet Cats' musical challenges. This list goes on!Explore food store for cats and feed them eat otherwise your pet will cry.

Download Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats today and discover a world of fun and excitement with cute games. It's the perfect game for anyone who loves cute animal games, kitty games, and cat games for free. So, what are you waiting for? Let's start singing with Duet Cats and enjoy the meow!

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Download Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats

Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats is also available to download on the following language pages: Français.


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Download Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats on PC (Windows and Mac):

To install the Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats app on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide using Bluestacks to download the APK file to your computer. If you enjoyed the Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats music app, check out our list of apps like Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats.

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Featured Reviews Duet Cats: Cute Games For Cats

So fun!

I just downloaded it because I was board but it was really fun and so cute!

So good but once thing

This game is really fun tho the adds just pop up if you see this game on App Store you have to play it so funnnnnnn Thanks for this great game byeeeeeeee


Duet cats is ADORABLE!! It’s just when you lose or the cat doesn’t eat a icecream it’s just so sad because they start crying! I know they aren’t real cats but it is still sad! But at least almost every time I press continue!😂😂 I hope you are ok with my review!😁😁


So stupid I love it


This game is so cute and I absolutely adore it and cats 😍

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