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Company: Foshan Junjiang Shijia Building Materials Co., Ltd

App Genre: Productivity

Ratings: 4.40

Version: 1.5

Updated 21/07/22

Downloads: 2763

Handy Scanner - PDF Conversion is a productivity application developed by Foshan Junjiang Shijia Building Materials Co., Ltd and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This free app is compatible with iOS 13.0+ and Android 4.4+. It requires 20MB of free space for IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) installation.

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What is Handy Scanner?

Handy Scanner is a powerful all-round scanning software that turns your mobile phone into a powerful and ad-free green scanner. It integrates practical functions such as image and text scanning, extraction and recognition, document scanning, electronic signature, and watermarking. It is an essential scanning tool for professionals, student parties, teachers, etc.
【APP features】
*Using advanced image recognition technology (OCR) to convert the text in the picture into editable content, you can modify, copy, export and save at will.
* Take photos and scan ID cards, bank cards, driver's licenses, household registration books, passports, driver's licenses and other documents, and connect to a printer to complete document printing, which is convenient and fast.
*Icons, logos, animals, plants, fruits and vegetables, insects, etc. can be scanned and identified by taking photos or album photos to realize a handheld encyclopedia.
* Scan the box to align the QR code, or select the QR code picture of the album, you can start quickly and identify the result
*Scanning and translation function directly recognizes the text content in the picture, and supports translation between multiple languages.
* Add a full-screen watermark to the picture, you can choose a variety of colors, perfectly protect your pictures from being stolen and more secure.
*Choose album pictures or take pictures directly, scan pictures, and export PDF with one click
*Online electronic signature, original handwriting, let the signature say goodbye to printing and express delivery, operate and share with extreme speed, and focus on your business, business trip, and off-site signature.
All files are stored in the mobile APP, which is safer, faster and more efficient, and will not reveal any of your privacy.
【Explanation of automatic renewal】
* Subscription period: 1 month/purchase 1 month (continuous monthly subscription), 1 quarter/purchase 1 quarter (continuous season subscription), 12 months/purchase 1 year (continuous annual subscription).
* Subscription price: The price of continuous monthly subscription is $2.49 per month, the price of continuous monthly subscription is $7.49 per quarter, and the price of continuous annual subscription is $20.99 per year.
* Subscription payment: Automatic renewal products include "Continuous Weekly/Continuous Monthly/Continuous Seasonal/Continuous Half-Year/Continuous Annual Subscription", which will be credited to the iTunes account after the user confirms the purchase and pays.
* Subscription renewal: 24 hours before your membership expires, Apple will automatically deduct the fee from your iTunes account, and it will automatically extend a period after success. If you do not cancel the subscription, Apple will try to deduct the fee from time to time during the deduction period. Please pay attention to the subscription and deduction status in time.
* Cancel renewal: To cancel automatic renewal, please cancel 24 hours before the current subscription period expires.
* Cancellation method: You use the Apple ID to activate the automatic renewal product, go to "Settings" - "iTunes Store and App Store" - "Apple ID" - "View Apple ID" - click "Subscription" on the account settings page - Cancel the automatic renewal Just subscribe.
*Privacy Agreement: https://kdocs.cn/l/csZRjOzP1iaM
*User Agreement: https://kdocs.cn/l/cfHW54DUHkjy
【contact us】
If you find problems during use, you can contact us directly by email, we will revise it as soon as possible, thank you for your feedback.
Contact email: everythingScan3841@163.com

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