I Want Watermelon (Relax puzzle game)

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Company: Lazycell Inc.

App Genre: Casual

Ratings: 4.74

Version: 1.0

Updated 10/05/21

Downloads: 405

I Want Watermelon is a casual and trivia game application developed by Lazycell Inc. and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This free app is compatible with iOS 11.0+ and Android 4.4+. It requires 61MB of free space for IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) installation.

I want watermelon game gameplay

What is I Want Watermelon?

Do you like eating fruits?

“I Want Watermelon” is a kind of merge game. What you need to do is only tap the screen to merge the same fruits and get a new one.

Don't let your fruits stacking too high. Otherwise, the game will be over.

Sounds easy, right?

Enjoy it!

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Download I Want Watermelon for PC (Windows/Mac OS)

To install the I Want Watermelon app on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide on using Bluestacks to run APK files on your computer. If you're having trouble downloading I Want Watermelon, please share your issues in our forums. Our friendly community is always happy to help you install or download APK files.

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Featured Reviews

Help please

I can not use the shaker after watching an ad. It just acknowledge that I’m shaking it. Is this option only for use with a phone? I’m trying on an IPad. Thank you.

Very good game

My very dear friend Connor mentioned this game to me to which I was surprised to here about such a good game being named after a fruit. But to my suprise the game is very fun and addictive.


Great game but I have a question. Is the fruit after the lime a lemon or orange?

This game is great…. Just a few bugs

When my friends started playing this game, I had to get it too! For the first few months, all my familly would do is play this game!!! It’s so fun, everything about it is just fantastic… until I got my first bug in a game. I had just made a pineapple when one of my strawberries glitched into the pineapple. Was this some ultra rare fruit?? Nope. Just a glitch. Every time I play, I get a glitch! If you guys could make an update to fix these bugs, that would be great! Thank you again for producing

BEST GAME EVER so addicting


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