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Company: Angel Martinez

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Released: Jan 04, 2019

Updated Mar 26, 2021

InstElectric Pro - Electricity is a productivity app developed by Angel Martinez and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later and requires 37.21MB of free space to install.

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Electrical installations

Tool to support the calculation of electrical installations that will allow the user (designer/electrician/technician) to perform electrical calculations easily and quickly.

· Dimensioning complete of low voltage circuits with the most frequent installation methods
· Phase cable size, neutral, protective conductor
· Criteria based on the admissible current of the cable, voltage drop and overcurrent protection
· Designation of the most used cables.
· Circuits with automatic circuit breaker until In=4000 A (Ir rating setting), maximum fuse In=1600 A (gG type), maximum 12 conductors parallel per phase, maximum size 630 mm²
· Short-circuits, including MV network, LV lines and final circuit
· Estimate of the maximum short-circuit current (simplified method)
· Maximum protected length for minimum short circuit (approximate method)
· Earthing system with diferentes types of electrodes (rods, buried conductor, rings and grid)
· Distance between the earthing systems
· Forecast of loads of a building destined to houses with several sections: dwellings, common services, commercial premises/offices and garage with/without infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles
· Reactive power of the capacitor bank for the compensation of the power factor (cos φ) and capacity (µF) of the capacitors
· C/K Factor for automatic capacitor bank
· Frequency resonance capacitors
· Compensation of the power factor for a three-phase transformer
· Choice of installation system in the function of the circuit, cable and its situation
· Overvoltage due to defects to earth in medium voltage MV depending on the earthing systems
· Power in an unbalanced three-phase system
· Overvoltages due to loss of neutral conductor, earth fault and short circuit
· Electricity parameters of a single-phase or three-phase (balanced)
· Transformer performance
· Secondary voltage of a transformer acoording to switch position
· Distribution of load of transformers in parallel
· K-Factor transformer
· Current transformer
· Verification resistance of the assembly to short-circuits
· Dissipated power of a assembly
· Size of trays and conduits
· Conduits characteristics according to the installation method
· Conversions of wire sizes (mm²-awg) and conduits threads
· Impedance, resistance and reactance of a cable
· Representation of the curves of the protections
· International protection IP - IK

Parameter settings for calculations:
· Constants (voltages, conductivity, temperatures, etc.) that affect electrical calculations
· Protections (circuit breakers and fuses)
· Selection of minimum rate for circuit-breakers with regulation and maximum cable size for multi-conductor grouping per phase
· Method estimation of the reactance
· Conductivity of the conductor depending on the current of the circuit (constant, according to the expected current, maximum cable temperature)
· Use reduction factors by grouping cables/circuits
· Use of factors of diversity/utilization

· Reference documents: IEC Standards, REBT (sp), Technical Application Guide, (UE) 2016/364


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