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Genre: Music

Ratings: 4.53

Version: 11.8.4

Updated 28/09/23

Downloads: 2383

ITablaPro is a music application developed by Prasad Upasani, available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 12.1+ and Android 11.1+, and requires 22 MB of free space for installation of the IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) file.

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What is ITablaPro?

The Pro Tanpura & Tabla Player

Come sit down for a session with our Tabla Pro. Experience virtuoso, realistic tabla playing, and let the fantastic Tanpura & SwarMandal sound inspire you to greater heights in your own musical journey!
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ITablaPro: Promo Codes and In-App Purchases

Currently, there are no promo codes available for the ITablaPro app. However, you can still obtain cool items in the app such as 'Recording Add-on' ($5.99), and more through in-app purchases.

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How to Download the ITablaPro App on Your PC

Ready to enjoy ITablaPro on a bigger screen? Whether you're on Windows 10, Windows 11, or macOS, we've made it easy. Check out our easy guide on using Bluestacks to download and run the ITablaPro APK. For assistance with downloading or installing APK files, our forums are here to help.

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Reviews on ITablaPro for iOS

★★★★★ Expert Mode
When I use Expert Mode on taals like Ektaal, Teentaal, and Jhaptaal, they sound as if a real tabla player was accompanying me. I think more taals, like Adachautaal, could also use this feature.
★★★★☆ Great app but inaccurate time
Great app for both tabla and tanpura. However, the session play time and 'Todays play time' is inaccurate.
★★★★☆ Please add!
Overall its a great app with great quality for practice. Its missing 4 beat kherwa which is a must in my opinion. Most bollywood songs and Ghazels need a 4- beat kherwa. I hope the developer add a couple variations of 4- beat kherwa. Then you can use this app even more. Thanks!
★★★★★ Loving it!
I’ve used the app over the years and love it!
★★★★★ About manjira
It have not manjira setting in itabla pro app. There is no option if it is to be set to the first matra of any taal only. So we request that it be updated
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