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Company: Natural Synthetics Inc.

App Genre: Social Networking

Ratings: 4.38

Version: 1.0.024

Updated 05/09/20

Downloads: 116

Itsme­ is a social networking application developed by Natural Synthetics Inc. and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This free app is compatible with iOS 12.0+ and Android 4.4+. It requires 309MB of free space for IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) installation.

Reacting to itsme appthe monkey app with characters funny asf!!😂😭

What is Itsme­?

Itsme lets you meet friends as your Avatar!

• Don't get judged by your face

• Meet friends just like You

• Hang out with Your BFFs!

Welcome to the future, have fun! \(• ◡ •)/

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DISCLAIMER: Natural Synthetics Inc., the company, and Itsme, the product, are not associated with, offered by, endorsed by, promoted by, sponsored by, or in any way affiliated with Snap Inc. or Bitstrips. Are you getting it? What we mean to say is we are NOT Snapchat or Bitmoji.

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Featured Reviews

Why shut it down?

I don’t understand why it’s shutting down it was perfectly fine the way it was and now some people aren’t gonna download the new one personally I think it should of been updated all into Itsme😕


I really like this app . I’m vary sad it’s shutting down soon but I hope I can still be friends with a lot of my friends!. I made so many friends so far.!! And there all my age but one thing I don’t like is that if u don’t follow someone u have talked to for a while it will delete them I hope it’s not just me!.

This app is amazing

They shoud not get red of this app the its me app

Please don’t shut down🙁

It’s me please don’t shut down I really love this app please don’t shut it down and me and my friends love chatting together! we love your app please don’t shut down :(

I love y’all to my heart I’m mad at y’all

I loved y’all so much but I’m mad at y’all for making this app go out my life I support still support y’all tho.

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