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Company: Michael Fluegel

App Genre: Education

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Version: 1.5

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Released: Aug 18, 2022

Updated Sep 17, 2022

Jazz & Pop Harmony /w Analysis is an education app developed by Michael Fluegel and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 14.1 or later and requires 43.45MB of free space to install.

This app is all about music harmony!

In the first part of the app there are harmony lessons with a focus on jazz and pop. 
Chords, Chordsymbols, Tension Secondary and Subsitute Dominants, related II, Scale-Theory. Lots of music examples help with understanding.

In the second part of the app jazz and pop tunes are analyzed. The way how to analyze is shown and explained in an understandable way.
The compositions in this app are all by myself. The chords of the tunes are related to well-known standards - so you can use those for your work with classic standards.

The app is growing week by week - with new chapters and new tunes to analyze.

Get in and be part of it! 

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