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App Genre: Games

Ratings: 5.00

Version: 1.0.2

Updated 11/09/23

Downloads: 237

MapleHeroes - Idle Adventure is an exciting game application developed by HONGKONG YUEYOO TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This free app is compatible with iOS 9.0+ and Android 4.4+. It requires 705MB of free space for IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) installation.

Team up with friends‪!‬

What is MapleHeroes?

◆Join the adventure in the new 2023 RPG, defeat the Mushroom King to get treasures!
◆Team up with friends and fight together in the coolest idle adventure game!

Dear heroes, welcome to the world of “MapleHeroes - Idle Adventure” - an infinite world full of fun and imagination! Here, you will find talking mushrooms, strong cow-headed trader, and even the supreme dragonborn.
Unfortunately, even in this joyous world, evil forces still exist!
Heroes, step on a long and unpredictable adventure with your new friends!
Join the journey and get 100 free summons! Start your journey with fashionable costumes and pets!

[Variety of classes! Various funny bosses!]
Heroes expedition, not boring at all! "Knight", "Ranger", "Mage", "Priest" four classes for you to choose. Flytrap, Mushroom King, Flash Chilopod, Aeria and other funny bosses are waiting for you to challenge! There are also new heroes on the way, please stay tuned!

[New team idle gameplay, fight together to make it double efficiency!]
Are you still solo auto-play? Come and try the multiplayer cooperation gameplay in “MapleHeroes - Idle Adventure”! Team up complements classes for each other and strategic deployment increases the chance of clearing. Make friends and have fun here!

[Hundreds of magical pets, ten summons to become legend.]
Login and get 100 free summons instantly, free to draw the pet you want! New pet cultivation gameplay, refining useless cards, extracting skills, customizing your pet, and matching bingo effect with the skill doubles your attack. There is also pet evolution gameplay, even more beautiful and cool appearances waiting for you to unlock!

[Personality Fashion workshop, be your own fashion expert!]
Players have their own closet with hundreds of fashion items to dress up. Mixing and matching hairstyles, makeup, clothes, and accessories, show your creativity by designing a unique customized appearance!

[Various skill combinations, strategic battles!]
Knight can only defend? Ranger is solo? It will break the common settings, Burst DPS knight! Summon & AOE mage! DPS priest! And so on. You can try here and enjoy the fun of different routes of cultivation.

[Reach achievements to get massive rewards]
Various rewards are waiting for you to claim every day. Besides, completing the main tasks, promote tasks and radiant adventure will reward you abundant gold coins, EXP, mythical gear and SSR pets!

Traverse the mystical land of Avalon and unlock the secrets of its ancient ruins. Digimon fans will be delighted to find new digital monsters to collect and train. Refine your skills and become stronger by forging your own weapons and armor with the help of the local blacksmith. Take on the powerful behemoths in the world of Dauntless and earn rare firestones to enhance your gear. Don't let boredom set in - spice things up by indulging in some Touhou minigames. And when you need a break from all the action, visit the beach for some relaxation or explore the realm of Athena.

Join "MapleHeroes - Idle Adventure" now and experience the ultimate RPG adventure with your friends!

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And more via in-app purchases.

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