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Company: Lion Studios

App Genre: Games

Latest Version: 1.1.2

Released: Dec 14, 2020

Updated Jun 09, 2021

Ratings: 4.54

Downloads: 14,692

Download Meteors Attack!, a games game app developed by Lion Studios, available across iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This free app requires 387MB of free space and iOS 10.0 or later to install.

Meteors attack! - gameplay walkthrough part 1 android ios

What is Meteors Attack!?

Imagine you're a mighty asteroid, who's has just entered into the earth's atmosphere, turned into a meteor & aims to cause the most immense destruction in humankind's known history! You're on a mission of destroying cities, monuments & even the whole planet and blowing everything into pieces. The bigger is the destruction you cause, the bigger & more powerful you'll get. Set precise targets, attack & crash them into ruins. As you level up through this space crashing simulation, your ultimate goal is to blow up the planet. Are you good enough to smash the earth into pieces? Well, this is a challenge worth taking!

Hit and break your targeted landmark locations with powerful destructive attacks. Is your attack strong enough to cause colossal damage? You're an unstoppable meteor with never-ending powerful destructive capabilities, but you need to put them into use with careful strategy and accurate targeting. Hit & break buildings, monuments & entire cities into little useless bricks! With you being the powerful & unstoppable meteor attacking the whole planet, there is nowhere safe to hide! You're all over the place, causing never-heard-before destruction, terror & massive damage! You're the one in control, set your targets straight & make an unfailing attack, turning monumental landmarks into dust.

As you're flying through space, use your meteor-powers to crash other objects such as UFOs into pieces. Cause massive destruction and damage, so you can get big & powerful enough to blow up the whole planet! You even have the chance to befriend other meteors from the earth's atmosphere & gather them together to make your meteor bigger, so it can cause more damage & destruction!

Have you brought the end of the world? Are you the most destructive meteor that the world has ever seen? Is this the very end of the human race? Well, you're the one to show them all! Put the best of your destructive abilities to cause unprecedented damage.

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Featured Reviews Meteors Attack!

Its not working anymore.

The first time I download this it was all fun. I was playing this game almost everyday until I got to a certain level that just froze and just circled around the map. All I can say is FIX THIS.

Really good

It’s the best game ever probably less adds

Game broke

Can not get To the last planet. Won’t let me advance. Fun game needs update

Finishing.and debris

I can not complete one level even if I destroy 100% of the property it still says “keep trying” please fix dis also the debris amount does not change no matter how many coins I spend I always get three meteors and half way to four

Kind of addictive

This game is fun but it becomes boring in about a week I am giving 4 stars because I t was fun

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