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Company: Synium Software GmbH

Genre: Reference

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Version: 10.0

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Released: Feb 21, 2022

Updated Feb 21, 2022

MobileFamilyTree 10 is a reference app developed by Synium Software GmbH, and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 14.1 or later.

What#39;s new in mobilefamilytree 10

Full-featured Genealogy

Discover your family history! Genealogy gets a facelift with MobileFamilyTree 10: modern, interactive, convenient, and fast. Explore your family tree and your family history in a way that would have amazed generations of chroniclers before you. Create visually impressive charts, evaluations, reports, and books, navigate through the Interactive Family Tree or Virtual Tree 3D view and experience genealogy in a whole new way.

• Designed specifically for iPhone and iPad
• Clear and easy-to-use interface
• Show your family tree: charts, reports, views, and lists
• CloudTree Sync&Share: real-time sync and collaboration
• GEDCOM import and export: exchange information with other applications
• Use MacFamilyTree 10 to continue your research and sync on your Mac (sold separately)

• FamilySearch: Billions of genealogical entries
• Export charts and reports in a wide range of formats
• Easy sharing of charts/reports
• Print via AirPrint

• Person, family, and kinship reports
• Narrative report
• Places list, events list, anniversary list
• Particularities report
• Map report
• Person analysis

• Lists of persons
• Marriage lists
• Plausibility report
• Sources list
• Descendancy report

• Hourglass chart
• Ahnentafel
• Timeline
• Double Ahnentafel
• Statistic maps

• 3D Virtual Globe
• Name distribution chart
• Fan chart
• Relationship chart
• Genogram chart

• Your data will be stored locally ...
• ... or encrypted and stored on iCloud
• Persons and entries can be hidden from export

The Top New Features in MobileFamilyTree 10

1) Completely New Editing Section
Fully customizable, with a much neater layout, easier data entry, faster navigation, and an alternative editing or viewing mode – this is just a smattering of the many new features we’ve implemented.
2) New: Virtual Tree With AR Mode to Walk Through Your Tree

Our completely redesigned Virtual Tree allows you to view all persons and their connected persons at a glance. You’ll absolutely love the all-new AR mode, which allows you to literally take a walk through your family tree. Experience your family history in a futuristic new way by placing it on a table in front of you or even in the entire room.
3) New: Source Management

The new Source Management is a vastly enhanced feature that helps you store important information and supporting documents for your entries. Get a perfect overview of your information by using customizable source citations and our predefined templates, or by creating your own custom templates.
4) Improved: User Interface

Our improved interface aims to offer superior user experience by providing an even better overview and faster navigation– with a fresh and modern look, lightning-fast display and unsurpassed user-friendliness.
5) New: Virtual Globe now Available on iOS/iPadOS for the First Time

Your family history around the globe. We’ve revamped our Virtual Globe for a better look and improved functionality. You can optionally display images of places, or events that occurred during specific time periods.
6) New: Person Groups
Create as many groups as you like (e.g. all persons from Berlin, everyone from the Miller family line, all relatives you know in person) to highlight them by color across all display formats.
7) Improved: Interactive Tree

Refreshed look and color scheme, greatly improved overall performance, much cleaner presentation of generations and connections.
8) Improved Performance

Nearly everything is much faster: navigation, editing, creating reports, charts, and 3D displays. Synchronization via CloudTree is also dramatically accelerated.
9)… and so much more!

The new version features improved charts/reports including new styles and options, a copy & paste feature for person and family events, GEDCOM 7, a new startup window, and many more exciting features!

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MobileFamilyTree 10 is also available to download in the following countries: Germany | France | Italy | Spain

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