MONOPOLY: The Board Game Version History

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Delve into the extensive archive of MONOPOLY: The Board Game APK versions, featuring detailed notes and compatibility information for each of the 9 version histories collected since Mar 14, 2024. This page is dedicated to fans looking to explore the evolution of MONOPOLY: The Board Game.

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What's New in the Latest Version 1.11.10

Greetings, Property Tycoons!
We have been busy eliminating bugs, enriching features and providing you with investment opportunities!
And we’ve got a new limited-time event running in MONOPOLY!
Log in and check it out today!

MONOPOLY: The Board Game APK Version History

Below is a list of APK file versions for MONOPOLY: The Board Game. Please note that download links for each version might not be available, or only accessible after the developer's approval.

MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.11.10
MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.11.4
For a limited time, you can get access to the Theme Collection for a special price!
MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.9.7
The new Epic Theme Collection awaits this summer! Own it all in every Monopoly theme, including: - Cherry Blossom Tokyo
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MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.8.9
Video chat with your friends while you play the MONOPOLY game on mobile! With this update you’ll get fully integrated secure text chat and in-game multiplayer video chat!
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MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.8.1
Bankrupt your friends and family in TWO spooktacular themes this Halloween! - Own it all in the alternate universe of L.A. Monstropolis - Glide into the lead through the misty streets of Transylvania
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MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.7.5
Play Hasbro
MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.6.15
Choose your Community Chest cards: You asked and we listened! Choose between playing with the original Community Chest cards and the new. If you
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MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.5.0
The New York 2121 MONOPOLY theme: - Buy, sell and scheme your way to digital riches - Buy properties from the outskirts to the skyscrapers and skyrails - Hover over the Cybernetics District and weave through the SoHo Markets
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MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.3.2
Are you a sore loser? Do you find it hard to stay cool in the face of defeat? If so, we
MONOPOLY: The Board Game v1.1.6
Hi Property Tycoons! We've made some improvements to the game: - We've made improvements to all multiplayer modes so online games run smoother. Thank you for playing and enjoy building a real estate empire!
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If you need help downloading specific version APK files, visit the MONOPOLY: The Board Game forum.

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