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Company: Brett Geschke

App Genre: Sports

Ratings: 5.00

Version: 1.0.3

Released: Jul 08, 2022

Updated Jul 09, 2022

Downloads: 7

My Team's Radio is a sports app developed by Brett Geschke and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This app is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later and requires 17MB of free space to be installed on your device.

What is My Team's Radio?

Ever been away from home and not know what radio station the game's on? My Team's Radio solves this problem by using your current location and finding the closest radio station of the team you select. Supported leagues include the NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL. Download and try it out today!

Need help? Join our My Team's Radio forum to get help, ask questions, and discuss the app with other users from all over the world.

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Download My Team's Radio for PC (Windows/Mac Os)

To get the My Team's Radio App on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide on using Bluestacks to install APK files on your computer. If you enjoyed the My Team's Radio sports app, then you'll also enjoy our list of apps like My Team's Radio.

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Featured Reviews My Team's Radio

Simple and Helpful!

Super easy way to find a station wherever you are. Fast and reliable!!

Easy to use and exactly what you want!

Simple interface and has what you need and no extra noise. Works perfectly for finding your teams radio stations if you’re in range to listen! Highly recommend! Can’t wait to see how this app evolves!

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