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Company: Giacomo Gabriele

App Genre: Navigation

Ratings: 5.00

Version: 5.0

Released: Mar 28, 2019

Updated Nov 22, 2022

Downloads: 1

Nautical Calculator Pro is a navigation app developed by Giacomo Gabriele and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This app is compatible with iOS 13.0 or later and requires 24MB of free space to be installed on your device.

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What is Nautical Calculator Pro?

Nautical Calculator Pro is the most complete application that solves the navigation calculations

The main features are :

- Calculate Route (solves 2nd navigation problem)
- Calculate point on Rhumb Line (solves 1st navigation problem)
- Calculate point on Great Circle (solves 1st navigation problem)
- Calculate point on WGS84 (solves 1st navigation problem)
- Calculate Average speed
- E.T.A. calculation
- Route plan, for manual waypoints planning
- Waypoint route
- Compisite sailing with parallel limit
- Rhumb Line Parallel/Meridian intersection
- Follow on same Rhumb Line route
- Opposite course rendez vous
- Route correction
- Calculate Amplitude at sunset and sunrise and magnetic compass deviation
- Compass detections
- Solves Drift problem
- Solves Tides problem
- Solves Tidal current problem
- Wind calculation with Beaufort classification
- ABC Tables (azimuth, initial course, right ascension with unknow star)
- Nautical almanac
- Celestial Navigation with position line
- Meridian transit
- Celestial observation
- Coastal navigation
- Wheel Over
- Draft survey
- Converter
- Anchorage
- Interpolation

In routes feature there is a world map: it isn't a nautical chart and is not for use as a saling chart, but as a simple general means of showing the courses through the water on earth, this map isn't for navigational purposes.
No need connection for show the map; the map will be downloaded only one time.
The map, for size limit, will be show for scale over 60-70 Nm.

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