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Company: Doublethink Games

App Genre: Action

Latest Version: 1.0.1

Released: Dec 05, 2019

Updated Dec 05, 2019

Ratings: 4.47

Downloads: 8

Download Necrosphere, an action and adventure game app developed by Doublethink Games, available across iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This app requires 185MB of free space and iOS 7.0 or later to install.

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What is Necrosphere?

Necrosphere is a bite-sized metroidvania game you control WITH ONLY TWO BUTTONS!

Become the recently deceased agent Terry Cooper and escape the underworld while facing the toughest, meanest and most difficult obstacles ever devised.

Necrosphere is where you go when you die, regardless of being good or bad. You don’t see other people around there. You don’t have anything to do, except waiting for eternity As soon as Agent Terry Cooper hits the Necrosphere, he learns about the portals that can take him back to the world of the living (also called Normalsphere), and his quest to escape the afterlife is set.

- Innovative controls: Only two buttons!
- At least 2.5 hours of tough, NO FILLER gameplay!
- One big, maze-like universe!
- Deliciously frustrating!
- Spandex ballet suit!

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Download Necrosphere

Necrosphere is also available to download on the following language pages: Deutsch and Français.


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Download Necrosphere on PC (Windows and Mac):

To install the Necrosphere app on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide using Bluestacks to download the APK file to your computer. If you enjoyed the Necrosphere action app, check out our list of apps like Necrosphere.

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Featured Reviews Necrosphere


I’ve only been playing for five minutes and I just have to review this game before I forget. This game is so cool and easy to play and yet challenging. Hits the spot!

Legitimately a great Platformer

Like you I was maybe a little put off by the small number of reviews. But I took a chance and I’m really but I did because... incredible! Just got to say Great soundtrack as well. I’ve played a lot of platformers on and off iOS, so take my word for it you won’t be disappointed.

Fantastic fun

Loved this game. Tough but generous checkpoints. You might die 20 times in a single room until you perfect the precise platforming. But remains fun at every death. Reminds me of Celeste plus an exploration component. Bravo!


This game is simply awesome. Wish it had no end, just keeps you engaged and occupied. Spent hours playing and not getting bored. Kudos to the developers. This game must, must, must have a sequel.

Time Killa machine

Game might be a lil bit hard, but I love challenge. Really cool game for time killers. It makes a great company with those lofi radio I’ve been listening to

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