Ninja Creed - Stealth Assassin ( True Master Ninja Assassin )

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Company: Ayesha Mehmood

Genre: Action

Ratings: 0.00

Version: 1.0.3

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Released: Mar 26, 2020

Updated Feb 22, 2022

Ninja Creed - Stealth Assassin is an action and puzzle mobile video game developed by Ayesha Mehmood, and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later.

Ninjas creed gameplay walkthrough android ios - part 1

True Master Ninja Assassin

Play Ninja Assassin Games: Revenge Stealth Assassin Game to take ninja revenge as assassin of killing games. Stealth keys and break jail to escape prisons in ninja assassin games, which is one of the best ninja action games offline 3D.

Ninja Assassin Knife Game is a role-playing killing assassins game (RPG). In this free action shooting Assassin games, you can play as Ninja Assassin in this ninja warriors games 3d. Ninja hunter needs to charge on enemies with sneaky attacks. You can hunt enemies one by one. When you stab enemy, you may get keys from them to unlock the jail and rescue hostage from jail.

Gameplay of Ninja Assassin Knife Hunter Game
You will have to attack the target from behind. You may lose in the face to face encounter with the enemy. So, you need to hit perfectly with a knife in this stabbing game. After stabbing enemy, you will have to run away from that place, because it will alert enemies to follow you.

The Ninja Assassin is the best stealth hunter games. This game has a very user-friendly interface and best ninja action game. This game is included in one of the best Assassin games.

Ninja Assassin Games: Revenge Knife Killer Game is an amazing stabbing game of assassination games, which will make you crazy to assassinate the enemies as speedy ninja to do stealth killing as silent assassin. You’ll love knife hunter killer theme of assassin games in this knife hunter game.
This knife hunting game is included in the list of most addicted ninja games.

Our Ninja Assassin is a legendary character, Ninja Assassin hides his face with a mask and has a deadly stabbing knife to slash and destroy monster targets. Ninja is well trained for harsh battles in the forest and mountainous environments, Fun Games For Free. Killer Assassin Games with a knife is very stealthy and he can use sneaky attack any time on enemies. Our knife hunter ninja will fight in harsh forest areas to rescue people from jail.

With each kill, you’ll get valuable coins. So, after each victory, upgrade Assassin Ninja games to more quick and deadly knife hunters. With each upgrade, ninja speed will increase. Speed is the best weapon to escapes from enemies.

If you lose, you will still earn coins for stabbing targets in gameplay of assassin ninja hunter, and you can also have a great opportunity to revive player with watch time offers.

This killer game includes more than 70 levels. With an increase in level, the number of enemies will increase and they will spawn at different locations. You will have to find keys by perfectly hitting the enemy from behind with a Best Knife Games. Each hostage cell will need unique key to be unlocked. Find best key from enemy to rescue. You will feel wonderful background music, Realistic HD Graphics, and realistic stealth and combat movement of best ninja assassin games in this knife hunter game.

Don’t get hit by enemies, you will have to stab a knife through them like a hero or just move away and disappear in the shadow or behind the walls.

Be a good hunter ninja to assassinate and stand against traitor and his army who kidnap and throw behind the bars.

Will you be the best player to take revenge from the dark force in Ninja Assassin Games? These Assassin Games are one of the best Assassin games. Experience the ultimate Ninja Killer Games.

Features of Ninja Assassin Knife Games
- Can you rescue hostages?
- Best 3d graphics.
- Very easy one-touch controls.
- Unlock and upgrade Ninja games Assassin.
- Challenge yourself with tough levels.

There are lot of ninja assassin games but we have designed this ninja action games with best assasin environment of amazing ninja games. Install Ninja Assassin Games: Revenge Knife Killer Game and enjoy best ninja game of this year, kill enemies, pick keys and escape prisons from jail with super expertise of best ninja games to take ninja revenge as assassin.

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Download Ninja Creed for PC/Mac

To install Ninja Creed on your PC you need to have an android emulator that supports you to play the game on your computer. We recommend using Bluestacks. How to use BlueStacks to play Ninja Creed on PC/Mac.

Ninja Creed is also available to download in the following countries: Germany

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