Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle

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Company: 睿 孙

App Genre: Puzzle

Latest Version: 1.1.0

Released: Oct 20, 2021

Updated Jan 27, 2022

Ratings: 4.57

Downloads: 7

Download Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle, a puzzle and board game app developed by 睿 孙, available across iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This free app requires 268MB of free space and iOS 10.0 or later to install.

Nonogram puzzles - jigsaw cross gameplay walkthrough #1 android ios

What is Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle?

Discover the mystery of Nonogram! A large number of puzzles are waiting for you to solve, a lot of puzzles are waiting for you to complete, and various themes are waiting for you to unlock.

The difference is that this game can play puzzles and nonograms at the same time. Each time you pass a level, you can get a piece of puzzle piece, and finally you can unlock a lot of beautiful pictures. Train your brain from the basic rules and logic behind the picture cross puzzle!

• Color the squares and reveal the hidden picture
• Use clues and numbers to uncover the hidden picture
• Numbers above the column are read from top-to-bottom
• Numbers to the left of the rows are read from left-to-right
• If you have figured out that the square should not be darkened, mark it with an X
•Autosave every puzzle, if you stuck you can try another puzzle and come back later
•Challenge different brand-new missions every week and get generous rewards for game items

Challenge yourself and enjoy hours of fun with logic number puzzles!

Need help? Join our Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle forum to get help, ask questions, and discuss the app with other users from all over the world.

Download Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle

Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle is also available to download on the following language pages: Deutsch and Français.


download on android download on ios

Download Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle on PC (Windows and Mac):

To install the Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle app on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide using Bluestacks to download the APK file to your computer. If you enjoyed the Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle puzzle app, check out our list of apps like Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle.

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Featured Reviews Nonogram Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle

Game is fun but puzzle is broken

This game is a nice time waster but the puzzle area is broken. The pieces don’t stick to the board.

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