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Company: Nanolume, LLC

App Genre: Medical

Ratings: 4.36

Version: 4.13

Updated 12/03/23

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Pain Tracker & Diary is a medical application developed by Nanolume, LLC and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 10.0+ and Android 4.4+. It requires 163MB of free space for IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) installation.

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What is Pain Tracker & Diary?

You hurt. Your pain is chronic and complicated. You can’t remember everything. You want your doctors to understand, but you don’t know how to explain what you feel.

Nanolume® developed the Pain Tracker & Diary to help you record the daily textures, intensities, and locations of what you feel, so you and your care team can better understand what you are suffering with and follow how your pain responds to medications and treatments.

Pain is a complex experience. It often includes multiple pain types (layers), each with its own unique texture, intensity, location, and surface area.

By keeping a diary that integrates complex information, you can show your doctors what you are experiencing to help them make a better diagnosis, choose more appropriate medications and treatments, and monitor if your treatments are beneficial. In addition, by keeping such an integrated record, trends might emerge that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Pain is a subjective (not objective) sensation that you cannot measure. Its assessment relies on each person’s ability to communicate what they feel. Nanolume® developed this digital diary to help you record what you feel every day.

For each diary entry you create:
• Choose a Pain Type. Choose from a list of predefined pain types or create a customized pain type. Next, tap the icon of the pain type you feel is most intense (you can come back and add more types later).
• Select the Intensity. Select the intensity of your pain type using a Numeric Rating Scale (NRS).
• Draw an Outline. Use your finger to draw an “outline” of the type of pain you are experiencing on the front and back sides of a generalized map of your body.
• Calculated Surface Areas. The app displays the percent [%] of your body surface affected by each (or all) of the pain types you draw.
• Zoom. Need to see a larger image of your hand or foot? Double-tap: "once" to zoom x2; "twice" to zoom x4; "a third time" to restore the image to its original size. We also offer pinch-to-zoom.
• Notes. Tap the “Notepad” icon located in the top-left corner of each opened diary entry to record any details of your medications or treatment results.
• Tap "Add Pain." Choose another pain type (layer) to draw.
• Save Your Diary Entry. Tap "Done" to create a snapshot of all the pain type layers you drew. The app attaches the date and time your entry was saved.
• Open a Saved Entry. Tap on the date and time of the entry you want to review. Look at the intensity, location, and surface area of each distinct pain type you experienced (by touching the icon of the pain type you want to see) or see all the pain types at once and see how they overlap (tap the "All Layers" icon). Swipe the picture left or right to check how your other saved pain entries compare over time.
• Charts. View a summary of your data in "Charts."
• Forget to Save an Entry? Go back and recreate a "pain picture" from the past; then, use the "Calendar" icon to backdate the recreated entry.
• Calendar Backdating. Touch the "Calendar" icon to backdate any pain-picture you draw to create a record of what you remember from the past.
• Copy/Edit. Copy or edit a copy of a previous entry.
• CSV Export. Email or save a numeric file of your data, then open that data in a spreadsheet.
• Interactive Summary & Animation. Play an animation of your data to see how each or all of your pain types change within any period you choose by selecting the corresponding start/stop dates.
• PDF Export. Export your charts, drawings, and notes as a PDF file.

Your data is stored on your device only and not collected or stored by Nanolume® LLC. Read our End-User License Agreement and Privacy Policy at

Copyright © 2014-2023, Nanolume® LLC. All rights reserved. U.S. Patent No. 11,363,985 B2.

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I absolutely love the way the sun works you can’t really pinpoint where on your body any pain is and what kind and you can see them all together they get color differently and they’re like layers and you can see them all together or you could just see what kind of pain and they really helped me keep track.

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