Par for the Dungeon

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Genre: Puzzle

Ratings: 4.56

Version: 1.0.11

Updated 23/11/23

Downloads: 526

Par for the Dungeon is a puzzle and sports gaming application developed by Sleeping Giant Interactive, available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This free app is compatible with iOS 13.0+ and Android 12+, and requires 299 MB of free space for installation of the IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) file.

Par for the dungeon - android and ios - gameplay

What is Par for the Dungeon?

A Golf Puzzle Adventure‪!‬

Golf is boring, Par for the Dungeon is different. Join Cal the golf ball as they battle and chase down the treacherous and dog-napping Bogeys.
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Par for the Dungeon: Promo Codes and In-App Purchases

Currently, there are no promo codes available for the Par for the Dungeon app. However, you can still obtain cool items in the app such as 'Pack 2' ($1.99), 'Pack 3' ($1.99), 'Pack 4' ($1.99), 'Retries Tier 1' ($0.99), and more through in-app purchases.

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How to Download the Par for the Dungeon App on Your PC

Ready to enjoy Par for the Dungeon on a bigger screen? Whether you're on Windows 10, Windows 11, or macOS, we've made it easy. Check out our easy guide on using Bluestacks to download and run the Par for the Dungeon APK. For assistance with downloading or installing APK files, our forums are here to help.

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Reviews on Par for the Dungeon for iOS

★★★★★ Force closing
Giving it a 5 stars because it was definitely fun while I was able to play now all of a sudden it keeps force closing I’ve uninstalled many times and re downloaded but it’s not working at the moment hopefully the next update will fix that bug for me hopefully I’m not the only one experiencing that well …. Hopefully I am because it is a FUN GAME and I want people to enjoy it but I will wait and be patient because I think it’s worth it.
★★★★★ Needs more content
I love this game, I went as far to 100% the game and get all the skins (That aren't paid for with money) and am bored out of my mind everyday. Please add more content, I don't care if I have to wait a decade for more levels I'll wait.
★★★★★ Can’t load the game
Really fun and creative game! I am experiencing the same issue as strawhat3k, whenever I try to open the app it’ll try connecting to cloud services and then force close the app.
★★★★★ More more more!
One of the more interesting mini golf style games I have played. The only thing missing is more levels. Hope you’re working on the next installment!
★★★★★ This App Is On Par With Classic Mobile Games!!!
This Game Gives Me A Feeling Of Playing Something Like Angry Birds For The First Time And I Fell In Love With It, Sadly Though It’s Only Been Two Days And I Already 100% Which Is Why My Only Complaint Is It Left Me Craving For More. The Best Way I Think They Can Fix This Though Is If You 100% The Game You Can Play Crazy Hard Levels That Combine All The Mechanics And Your Rewards Can Be The Cosmetics That Usually You Can Only Get By Buying. Absolute Gem On The AppStore 10/10 If Possible But
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