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Company: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

App Genre: Simulation

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Version: 1.18

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Released: Aug 16, 2022

Updated Aug 17, 2022

Pocket Academy 3 is a simulation and casual game app developed by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later and requires 434.35MB of free space to install.

[walkthrough] pocket academy[3] art event

Your favorite dream school simulator is back and better than ever! Introducing: The super fun school festival!

Build facilities and create a great school environment. Set up classrooms, a cafeteria...and a counseling room! (A little nerve-wracking for students to get called in there!)

Place compatible facilities together to create popular spots which will make your school really stand out. As the school's popularity and rep go up, enrollment applications will flood in.

Once you get the hang of things, hold a school festival, complete with fun activities for all!

Get serious about school clubs, too! Once your students get good enough to breeze through practice matches, enter them into the nationals and help them reach that sweet victory. They may even get scouted for their talent!

Help your students prepare for placement tests so they can realize their dreams.

Much sweat and many a tear will be shed as you build your ideal school!

12 years since Pocket Academy, we've perfected the recipe for an exciting school management simulator, packing in lots of new features!
Supports drag to scroll and pinch to zoom.

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Kairosoft's pixel art game series continues!

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Featured Reviews Pocket Academy 3

Still Fun

By Jack38181

I first started playing Kairo games back in 2013 with my buddies from school. But then as I get into college, I barely played any games. But recently, i saw this game popping out from my search, so I decided to play it for a little. And believe or not, it's still fun and enjoyable. It feels like I'm going back to 2013 when I used to play games with my friends. The good ol times. Can't believe time has passed this fast. Wish it was a little slower



Huge kairosoft fan here. Gotta say this is one of the best games yet. I especially like the mechanics here, with the student personality and career counseling stuff. Touring to get more students is also fun… the school festivals are also very fun!! Altogether a great game with new (and fun) mechanics.

Dope sequel

By eudemus

If you like the previous game, it’s def worth buying

Too Fast

By AshleyL86

This will my 4th Kairosoft game and I have to say my least favorite! The pace is entirely too fast. Before I even try to process a thought of what I need to build, pop ups are constant that there’s this competition and that, and honestly it’s super annoying! I can’t get a solid 30 seconds just to take a look at my layout without an interruption. It really makes gameplay difficult. Still a fun game and I’m going to play it for a few more days, but I probably won’t replay this one. Edit; I’ll fin


By Rosees

This game has enough new things to make it fun, even for fans of older Pocket Academy.

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