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Company: Sake World, Inc.

App Genre: Reference

Ratings: 4.33

Version: 1.4

Downloads: 3

Released: Jan 15, 2010

Updated Dec 01, 2017

Sake Dictionary is a reference app developed by Sake World, Inc. and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later and requires 11.92MB of free space to install.

John Gauntner's Sake Dictionary is quick, easy to use reference for those hard-to-remember sake related terms. A combination of lightning fast searching, full dictionary browsing and audio pronunciations allows you to find the word you are looking for or explore and learn new words.

A super tool when you are ordering sake in a restaurant and you can't recall the difference between a Daiginjo and a Junmai Daiginjo sake.

John Gauntner is recognized as one of the world's leading sake experts.

Developed by App Apps, LLC.

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Featured Reviews Sake Dictionary


By svimonoff

This is absolutely the best and most complete dictionary of Sake terms on the planet!!! And for only ninety-nine cents! Where else can you get quality merchandise for under a dollar? The brief explanations are accurate and concise. The audio feature is a wonderful bonus. The ability to actually hear the correct pronunciation should jump start one's ordering experience in their local izakaya or sushi bar. Hopefully, the author will one day incorporate a Sake bottle label reader that will decipher

Great app!! Awesome deal!! Can't believe is only $0.99?

By takmat

This app is great!! And what a deal at $0.99, I'll say it should be much more. Such an awesome tool. I use it quite often to review some of the words and terms I don't use very often. I also introduce it to my sake fans friends everywhere and everytime so they can learn on their own and order sake like a pro whenever they go out by having the most complete sake vocabulary in their pockets at all times - if you are into sake, this is a must have !!

Easy. Fast. Fun.

By SmokyBlue

I enjoy well done, simple apps like this. A good way to learn new sake related words.

Indispensable and brutally simple

By Hughington Cornelius

Whether a Sake professional or novice wondering exactly what Sake is and where it comes from this app is an indispensable tool that can only further one's knowledge. It is brutally simple and gets you to the appropriate information with haste. The pronunciations alone make any questionable or embarrassing mispronunciations on your part a laughable memory as you become more and more familiar with the terminology and appropriate vocalization. A phenomenal user experience and I only which I had pro

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