Stay Room: SilentCastle Origin - Stay in room to fight invasion

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App Genre: Games

Ratings: 2.03

Version: 1.7.3

Downloads: 50

Released: Jul 29, 2022

Updated Oct 07, 2022

Stay Room: SilentCastle Origin is a games game app developed by OLIVER HAYDON and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This free app is compatible with iOS 11.0 and later and requires 220.34MB of free space to install.

Stay room silentcastle origin game gameplay

Stay Room! Don't voice, the ghost is invading.

"Stay in the room."

When you wake up and the words come to your mind.Then you find a letter in the room.

"Ⅰ Don't open the Door.
Ⅱ Go to bed after reading thie letter.
Ⅲ There are weapons in the room to fight against monsters.
Ⅳ You are not the only survivor here.
Ⅴ Try to defeat the Monsters.
Ⅵ Once the door is broken, you have failed. "

- Easy to play: setp your weapons to fight with monsters.
- Strategy Game : The right upgrade props to get the great benefit.
- Different difficulty levels: Try to be the only survivor in the more difficult and complex levels.

Be careful of yourself in such a dangerous place.

Stay in the room and be the winner!

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Featured Reviews Stay Room: SilentCastle Origin


This game is SO addicting! I love it, tho there are a LOT of adds but besides that I am literally in LOVE with this game!

It’s fun

It’s is very fun but challenging the one problem I have is that whenever I try to click on a video it says ad is not ready! Now this is so annoying and I literally want to scream! But otherwise it’s a great app.

ads are inescapable

I love this game, it’s so much fun, but 8/10 of my ads I am unable to exit out of. It makes it frustrating to have these options to use ads to get certain perks, but then not be able to actually get the perk because I have to close the game to get out of the ad.

Guys this is the real don’t starve 2

Guys I was looking for don’t starve and I founded this this is the real do not hungry 2 guys this is real not fake I play and I fought Maxwell gaming and beated ancient fuelweaver such good game don’t starve 2 🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪


It’s a good idea and fun, but the ads are insane, like it’s almost rigged to the point where you’re forced to watch an ad to stay alive

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