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Company: Justin Patrick Silang

App Genre: Productivity

Latest Version: 20.05

Released: Sep 11, 2019

Updated Aug 23, 2022

Ratings: 4.79

Downloads: 1,854

Download Study Bunny: Focus Timer, a productivity app developed by Justin Patrick Silang, available across iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This free app requires 121MB of free space and iOS 11.0 or later to install.

Focus timer study bunny app review!!!!

What is Study Bunny: Focus Timer?

Study Bunny: Focus Timer

1. Time your studying. Hit pause when you can't stay focused for motivational advice!
2. Earn coins. Buy items or music in the store!
3. Be productive. Use tools like the To Do list, Flashcards, and the customizable Study Tracker.

For a detailed tutorial of the app please visit This webpage can be translated into any language.

PLEASE read the FAQ within the app settings or on our website if you have any questions

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Download Study Bunny: Focus Timer

Study Bunny: Focus Timer is also available to download on the following language pages: Español.


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Download Study Bunny: Focus Timer on PC (Windows and Mac):

To install the Study Bunny: Focus Timer app on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide using Bluestacks to download the APK file to your computer. If you enjoyed the Study Bunny: Focus Timer productivity app, check out our list of apps like Study Bunny: Focus Timer.

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Featured Reviews Study Bunny: Focus Timer

It could be a much better app

This is a good and user-friendly app. But it has a very big problem, it doesn't allow you to work with the app when you don't have internet, and this is terrible, maybe you don't have access to the internet for any reason or you want to turn off the internet and you can't actually use this app. This is a bad problem and it made me quit the app, I hope you fix this problem.

Great for studying

I've been struggling lately to find motivation to study and keep up with my tests and such and this app helped me so much! The app is cute and helps me focus on studying. I can concentrate way better when I have a timer on and earning coins to buy stuff for my bunny is motivating. The only reason why I gave this app 4 stars and not 5 is that editing the study hours and legends was a bit complicated and it took me a while to understand how to do it.

best studying app out there

this is the number one app i recommend to all of my university friends! it is the best way to track my progress, keep focused, and see how much time i’m spending actually working a day! my bunny is so spoiled with how many coins he has :)

Helpful App

Often times I forget to study, I scroll through my phone instead. However, it’s much easier to remember my work when a little bunny is cheering me on!


Very helpful app that’s very easy to use and helped me to develop great studying habits in a fun way!!!

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