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Company: HABBY

App Genre: Action

Ratings: 4.88

Version: 1.4.2

Downloads: 16,195

Released: Dec 16, 2020

Updated Aug 27, 2022

Survivor!.io is an action and casual game app developed by HABBY and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 11.0 and later and requires 229.83MB of free space to install.

Survivorio game gameplay

Dangerous zombies are attacking the entire city! The city is in peril!
Awakened by the trial of dreams, you've no choice but to take on the heroic mantle of saving the city!
As a human warrior with unlimited potential, you and other survivors will have to pick up your weapons and battle these evil and dangerous zombies!
The horde far outnumbers you - any slip-up and you'll get caught in dire straits!
Faced with crisis, you must find a way to survive!

-Face off against 1000+ monsters at once and exterminate them!
-Clear the map with one-hand controls!
-All-new roguelite skill experience with unlimited combinations
-Feel the heat of each new stage with different difficulties
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To install apps like Survivor!.io on your PC (or Mac), you need to have an Android emulator that supports playing the game on your computer. Check out our recommended emulator, Bluestacks.

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Featured Reviews Survivor!.io


By justwhyyyyyy

I love this game is unique and good

So good

By Y R S S

I play every day I started 5 days ago I’m already into chapter 2

New ideas

By Asupaul

This game is the best and I think there could be some realy good adjustments so first is show the armor on the character


By CadeKidPlayz

When I saw the ad for this game I thought I would just be on of those crappy games but I decided to install it any ways, this is an incredible game and I’m very surprised by it. Great Job

REALLY fun game but needs one change

By CKMSurf

I love this game and I just got it yesterday. But the one thing i think you should change is the time it takes for your energy to recharge. It kinda makes you want to play a different game and not come back to this. It pulls you away from the game by making you forget about it. But overall, REALLY FUN GAME! 👍🏻

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