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Company: Thomas Burns


Ratings: 4

Version: 2.4

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Updated Aug 20, 2020

Synth Modes is a app developed by Thomas Burns, and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 10.0 or later.

Volt synth - perfomance modes mpe

Synthesizer Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets for your eurorack synthesizer modules, supporting 29 modules:

Expert Sleepers:
- Disting mk3
- Disting mk4

- Shapeshifter

Make Noise:
- Morphagene
- Tempi

- Just Friends
- W/

Moog Audio:
- Mother 32

Mutable Instruments:
- Braids (stock and Renaissance firmware)
- Clouds (stock and Parasites firmware)
- Frames (stock and Parasites)
- Peaks (stock and Dead Man's Catch)
- Plaits
- Rings
- Stages
- Streams
- Warps (stock and Parasites)

Ornament & Crime:
- Stock firmware
- Hemisphere Suite

Erica Synths:
- Pico Logic
- Blackhole DSP 2
- Pico Seq

TipTop Audio:

Search by text or mode type to quickly get the most out of your module. Favorite pages for quicker reference.

NEW in 2.0 - Patch Generator! SynthModes can generate patch ideas by picking modes for each of your modules. Tap the "Generate Patch" button at the bottom of the mode list. Pull to refresh Patch Generator.

Get rid of your binder of printed PDFs, SynthModes is faster and easier to use.

Modes for iOS is not officially endorsed or supported by any modular manufacturer.

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Synth Modes is also available to download in the following countries: Italy

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Featured Reviews Synth Modes

Navigation bug

Jason Barile

Every now and then while browsing through modes, the back link at the top of the app will disappear. If I rotate, I can see it again, but it doesn’t work. It’s awesome how up to date the app is though!

Good for a quick reference app if you have the modules. Would be five stars if there was a way to add user created modules. I have five of the 18 supported, but many more that I'd happily add myself if I could.

Love this app. Only criticism is I’d love to see more modules included. René, for starters...

This is super useful. But I agree a community sourcing could be used to increase the number of modules covered. I would appreciate seeing FXAid by Nerd Seq which has a lot of algorithms.

Great app!


Super useful! Would love if it had Hemisphere information for ornament and crime too.

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