The Past Within (A co-op adventure)

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Company: Rusty Lake

App Genre: Puzzle

Ratings: 4.40

Version: 1.03

Updated 02/11/22

Downloads: 735

The Past Within is a puzzle and adventure game application developed by Rusty Lake and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 13.0+ and Android 4.4+. It requires 368MB of free space for IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) installation.

The past within - 過去・未来に生きる2人のプレイヤーが協力して謎を解く2人協力専用パズル / 面白いゲーム情報 iosandroidsteam

What is The Past Within?

Note: The Past Within is a co-op only game. Both players need to own a copy of the game on their own device (mobile, tablet or computer), as well as a way to communicate with each other. Play together with a friend or find a partner on our official Discord server!

The past and future cannot be explored alone! Team up with a friend and piece together the mysteries surrounding Albert Vanderboom. Communicate what you see around you to help one another solve various puzzles and explore the worlds from different perspectives!

The Past Within is the first co-op only point-and-click adventure set in the mysterious world of Rusty Lake.


▪ A co-op experience
Play together with a friend, one in The Past, the other in The Future. Work together to solve the puzzles and help Rose set her father’s plan in motion!
▪ Two worlds - Two perspectives
Both players will experience their environments in two different dimensions: 2D as well as in 3D - a first-time experience in the Rusty Lake universe!
▪ Cross-platform
As long as you can communicate with each other, you and your partner of choice can each play The Past Within on your preferred platform: Mac, PC and (very soon) Nintendo Switch!
▪ Playtime & Replayability
The game contains 2 chapters and has an average play-time of 2 hours. For the full experience, we recommend replaying the game from the other perspective. Plus you can use our replayability feature for a fresh start with new solutions to all puzzles.

Need help? Join our The Past Within forum to ask questions, get help, and discuss the app with other users from around the world. If you would like to cancel your subscription or delete your account, please visit our The Past Within Cancel & Delete page for further instructions.

Download The Past Within

The Past Within can also be downloaded from the following language pages:
France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden


Download The Past Within for PC (Windows/Mac OS)

To install the The Past Within app on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide on using Bluestacks to run APK files on your computer. If you're having trouble downloading The Past Within, please share your issues in our forums. Our friendly community is always happy to help you install or download.

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Featured Reviews

Loved it

Played it with my husband and we had fun figuring it out.

Awesome game

This game is fantastic. I’m a huge fan of this game and all its connected games. Hope to see more of them soon!!

(Would) Love it

I absolutely love all of rusty lakes games, and I'm sure that I'll love this one aswell. I've downloaded it, but I don't have anyone to play with. I know there's a discord option, but I'm not allowed to have it. (Mental health and agewise reasons.) I'll probably get it on two devices and play it with my girlfriend, though. I'm sure it's as (or more) amazing than your other games!

Best mobile game i’ve played in a while

10/10 amazing game wish it was longer but it was great !!!


Well I was anticipating this games release, then there was the idea of multiplayer. And having to use a different service to communicate is just the worst.. Just add a server list or chat system into the game itself. But I’m assuming the game is great.

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