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Company: Yonac Inc.


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Updated Apr 27, 2021

ToneStack PRO Guitar Amps & FX is a app developed by Yonac Inc., and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 13.0 or later.

Tonestack pro guitar amps and fx - not just for guitar - lets explore - live ipad demo

Premier FX Toolkit with AUv3

The long awaited amps & effects powerhouse is finally here: meet the all-new ToneStack PRO! Featuring next generation DSP, a load of all-new amps & effects, and seamless AUv3 implementation, the latest of the ToneStacks is the go-to audio processing solution for both guitarists and producers.

ToneStack PRO is faster, more efficient, and more powerful than ever. New digital modeling algorithms make every amp and effect sound bigger and richer than before. Advanced optimization enables stereo processing across the board — even for amps and cabs! Everything is brand new and envisioned to maximize your workflow, whether you use ToneStack PRO by itself, in a DAW, in your bedroom, or in the studio.

With an ability to expand to 70 amps and over 140 effects, ToneStack’s offerings are as vast as they are varied. If you’re after vintage amp tones oozing of warmth, a room-filling overdrive, or the sparkliest of cleans — ToneStack PRO has the amp for you. If your goal is to craft your own unique tones, then ToneStack PRO offers a virtually bottomless well of distortions, overdrives, modulation effects, pitch shifters, filters, wahs, delays, reverbs to draw from — and much more.

Best news yet, this enormous collection is now available to you in the AUv3 format! Just fire up your favorite DAW / recording app that hosts AUv3 inserts, and now you can run many instances of ToneStack PRO at the same time! Record a track just once and experiment with amps, effects, and settings to find the perfect tone. Use ToneStack PRO’s top-notch effects to sweeten synths, drums, or vocals. Use its studio quality dynamics processors, filters, and EQs to mix and master your project. ToneStack PRO is the absolute one-stop effects processor for all your recording needs!

ToneStack PRO comes with a fresh batch of 10 amps, 10 cabs, and 30 effects. The “Pot o’ Gold” Expansion Pack lets you unlock the whole collection of over 280 pieces of gear, including countless iconic amps, boutique offerings, high quality studio FX, rarities, and many more goodies that help showcase ToneStack PRO’s next generation audio technology.

With ToneStack PRO, you also gain access to one of the platform’s top MIDI and preset management systems, with super-easy MIDI learn and the ability to easily save, organize, and share presets. The standalone app also comes with a built-in “tapedeck” and an optional 8-track recorder (first two tracks included for free) to help quickly sketch out your ideas. With its cutting-edge features, big tones, intuitive workflow, and huge variety of amps and effects, ToneStack PRO will easily become the centerpiece of your practice space as well as your recording exploits.

Selected Features Include,

• Gen2 Virtual-Circuit DSP technology that models real-world circuits
• 10 amps, 10 cabs & 30 FX
• Expandable to 70 amps, 68 cabs, and over 140 effects
• Usable as AUv3 FX insert - run multiple instances in AUv3 host
• Mix-and-match amps and cabs
• Stereo processing, including for amps and cabs
• Amps, cabs can toggle between mono and stereo for realism
• Place up to 64 units in the effects chain
• Each cab has 3 mics to choose from, as well as distance & position settings
• MIDI Learn
• MIDI Program Changes
• Tuner with always-on and fullscreen modes
• Drag-and-drop signal flow management
• Flexible UI design

Standalone App Also Includes,

• Tapedeck with punch looping, pitch/time manipulation, FX send for re-amping
• Optional 8-track recorder with track inserts and dual sends (two tracks included for free)
• Metronome, tap tempo, configurable time signature

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Awesome and stable


I got the in-app purchase too and love the flexibility! It would be cool if roxsyn could be integrated into the chain, but AUM makes it easy enough to do.

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