Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle ( A Design & Match Game )

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Company: Good Job Games

Genre: Puzzle

Ratings: 4

Version: 1.0.5

Downloads: 284

Updated Jul 27, 2021

Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle is a puzzle mobile video game developed by Good Job Games, and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later.

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A Design & Match Game

You have found your zen!
. Don’t we all need a quiet place to center and calm our minds during the day?
Playing Zen Match, you can now carry yours around throughout the day.
. Design your very own zen space by spending some relaxing yet challenging time on our unique centering tile matching puzzle game!
. Relax your mind and brain in a zen game of match, surrounded by a calm atmosphere, and use your creativity to design the perfect zen room.
. We also appreciate the calmness that plants can bring one, so we created a special daily puzzle section which allows you to have and care for your very own house plant!
. Do not forget to spend some time in the mindful flow of puzzle solving while designing your zen homes every day to receive good vibes in return!
. More than a thousand levels of centering tile matching puzzle game to help you get in that flow state.
. Collectibles including different types of tiles, backgrounds, zen spaces and house plants...
. Inspire your daily life through a world of zen design.
. The ultimate opportunity to decorate a zen sanctuary for yourself through puzzle game play.

• Solve addictive yet always evolving matching puzzles in a unique and calm experience.
• Design your own Zen Space to find your balance.
• Collect an array of rooms, sceneries, and tiles.
• Challenge yourself through daily match puzzles.
• Visit beautiful outdoor spaces to connect with nature.

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Download Zen Match for PC/Mac

To install Zen Match on your PC you need to have an android emulator that supports you to play the game on your computer. We recommend using Bluestacks. How to use BlueStacks to play Zen Match on PC/Mac.

Zen Match is also available to download in the following countries: France | Spain | Italy | Germany

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Featured Reviews Zen Match

Downloaded this based on the ad. The preview shown in “Challenge yourself” is no where to be found.



I updated the game yesterday and now it will not stay open for me to play I hate that because this is my favorite game

3x coins removed

okay thenn

Why did you remove the 3x coins?

Please optimize the game, I shouldn’t lose half my battery life on an iPhone 12 Pro Max with only an hour and fifteen minutes of play. Also, your x3 coins advertisement button has worked once in 350 levels.

I love the challenging puzzles. Yes, some levels feel impossible to beat without spending coins, but the game makes it easy to earn coins, so it feels balanced.

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