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Company: 治晴 廖

App Genre: Role Playing

Ratings: 0.00

Version: 1.0

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Released: Sep 15, 2022

Updated Sep 15, 2022

Zombie Game - Idle War Defense is a role playing and entertainment game app developed by 治晴 廖 and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 10.0 and later and requires 76.24MB of free space to install.

After a horrific Resident Evil crisis broke out, the world was turned into a wasteland. The virus turned some creatures into zombies and aliens. Familiar streets become exciting battlefields. Humanity is in danger of death and must be united. Resist the attack of zombies and aliens and save the world! Brave defenders, you know, this is a tough duel, but the will of the people will never be extinguished.

Zombie Game - Idle War Defense is an innovative offline survival shooter with one purpose: to kill them! You have to survive in a city full of crazy zombies. To fend off the undead army, you must become a skilled zombie killer! Download now and enjoy this zombie game!

After the terrible Resident Evil outbreak, the world became a wasteland, and a terrible virus turned some creatures into zombies and aliens. You have to get as many weapons and equipment as possible to improve your fighting power to clear the zombies in the level faster and pass the level smoothly. As the only lucky player, the player must resist the invasion of zombies. Battlefields are the cities and streets we are familiar with. Brave defender, you know it's a tough matchup. You have to get as much equipment and materials as possible to improve your fighting power, so as to clear the level of zombies faster and pass the level smoothly.

Zombie Game - Idle War Defense is a fun apocalyptic zombie world survival game. This awesome zombie game has lots of brutal zombies, deadly weapons and unique heroes. Enjoy zombie slaughter in your own style. If you're looking for a great zombie shooter, look no further! Exciting events keep you alive in the brutal world of the zombie apocalypse. Every day can be your last so you have to use all your skills to stay alive and hunt down every dead target in the bloody action of this zombie shooting game. Don't hesitate, pull the trigger and remember - the dead don't forgive any mistakes!

This game will definitely make you feel the thrill of shooting. Dim wastelands, dilapidated factories or abandoned streets are full of zombies and beasts; you have to be extra careful not to touch these zombies or you will lose your life. Your first task is to survive and destroy all zombies and mutant beasts as soon as possible.

Enjoy zombie slaughter in many different ways
Different lethal weapons for you to use
Many characters with unique developmental abilities
Different zombies and scary bosses
Achievements and global leaderboards
Defeat zombies and get equipment to strengthen your own strength
Level up to get more attributes to strengthen yourself
Store to get more equipment, more powerful
Free choice of bonus skills
lots of tasks
True HD Graphics

This is the most exciting and fun action and zombie making shooting game. As a survivor and zombie terminator, it is your mission to survive the battle and defend the world. Get more weapons and equipment, improve combat power and combat skills, which can help you eliminate zombies faster and clear levels.

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To install apps like Zombie Game on your PC (or Mac), you need to have an Android emulator that supports playing the game on your computer. Check out our recommended emulator, Bluestacks.

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