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Empresa: Guilherme Del Frate

Género de la aplicación: Entertainment

Calificaciones: 4.77

Versión: 1.6.3

Liberado: Oct 31, 2018

Actualizado May 12, 2021

Descargas: 7

The Architect of Predictions es la aplicación an entertainment desarrollada por Guilherme Del Frate y está disponible para descargar en iOS App Store y Android Play Store. Esta aplicación es compatible con iOS 11.0 o posterior y requiere 86MB de espacio libre para instalarse en su dispositivo.

Guía de juego de The Architect of Predictions (iOS, Android)

The Architect of Predictions is a truly unique app that allows you to perform mind-blowing magic effects using only your iPhone!

With TAP, you can take A SINGLE picture and create a prediction with up to 1 MILLION OUTS!

Imagine this:

You approach your spectator and ask them to name, for example, a playing card and any date of the current year. They say King of Hearts and August 6th. Then you say that you recently took a picture containing a prediction! You unlock your phone and ask your spectator to scroll through your Photo collection until they come to the picture, at the EXACT DATE THEY NAMED. The picture shows a notepad and a playing card. The card is the EXACT named card, and on the notepad are the words: "Today, August 6th, I had a thought... someone will choose the King of Hearts! I don't know exactly when, but I feel... it will happen soon!"

You can create this effect and many more, the only limit is your own imagination! That's right! Create as many effects as you want! Predict cards, numbers, dates, texts, words, pictures and whatever else you can dream up! You won't believe how many cool predictions you can create with TAP!

- Devious method, adaptable to everyone’s need.
- Fully customizable!
- No forces, no assistants needed, no internet connection required to perform, no voice recognition!
- Gallery with some ready-to-go effects. so you can start using TAP right away. Think big, think outside the box!
- You can have multiple predictions in a single picture!
- Create a prediction taking just one picture!
- Predict words, zodiac signs, numbers, playing cards, dates, pictures or whatever else you like!
- Exclusive Facebook users group.
- Compatible with shortcuts, so you can use Siri to start an effect.
- Future update will allow you to export your predictions for use with other magic apps, such as Inject!

Thanks for your support! I'm sure you'll love TAP. Become your own Architect of Predictions! ;)


- TV performance rights are NOT included with purchase.
All TV rights are reserved and available from Gui Del Frate.
Please contact Gui at for details.

- This app is a magic trick intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true prediction functionality.

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