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Le migliori app 8 come Guardian per iOS e Android

Cerchi app come Guardian? Abbiamo compilato un elenco delle migliori app alternative per dispositivi iOS e Android. Le alternative a Guardian sono principalmente health & fitness appma potrebbe anche essere navigation app.

Esistono app 8 simili a Guardian disponibili per più piattaforme, inclusi iPhone, iPad e smartphone Android. Centr, by Chris Hemsworth è la migliore alternativa. Altre app simili a Guardian sono Quickstart workout generator, Okulox, Oje, ich wachse! - DE e MGRS GPS. Tutte le migliori app alternative del 2024 sono elencate di seguito e aggiornate regolarmente.

Le migliori app Health & Fitness come Guardian

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Centr, by Chris Hemsworth - Workouts, recipes & meditation

Health & Fitness | First release: Feb 08, 2022

WHAT IS CENTR? Whatever your goal, age, sex or fitness level, this app will help you get it done with guidance from the world’s best trainers, chefs and well-being experts.

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Quickstart workout generator

Health & Fitness | First release: Apr 30, 2020

Quickstart workout generator è il modo semplice, veloce ed efficace per iniziare ad allenarti.

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Health & Fitness | First release: Feb 17, 2020

App disponibile in italiano e inglese.

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Oje, ich wachse! - DE

Health & Fitness | First release: Aug 09, 2020

Der weltweite Bestseller unter den Baby-Apps von “Oje, ich wachse!” ist ein personalisierter Wochenkalender zur mentalen Entwicklung Ihres Babys.

Le migliori app Navigation come Guardian

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Navigation | First release: Feb 28, 2024

MGRS GPS allows you to see your MGRS location on your iPhone or iPad. In addition, you can tweet, email, SMS on iPhone, or iMessage your location to your friends.

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MagVar 2020

Navigation | First release: Feb 08, 2024

MagVar 2020 is targeted towards anyone interested in navigation. This includes, pilots of aircraft, captains of sea going vessels, cartographers, engineers and surveyors.

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World Tides 2024

Navigation | First release: Jan 23, 2024

WorldTides™ for iPhone/iPad/AppleWatch delivers one year's worth of tide predictions for 8061 locations across every coastal country on the planet! You can choose any date during the year.

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Pilot Brief

Navigation | First release: Apr 24, 2024

PilotBrief App includes: Airport and Route Weather Decoding and Calculation Conversions of units

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