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Azienda: Kymatica AB

Genere dell'app: Music

Valutazioni: 4.80

Versione: 1.4.1

Rilasciato: Feb 24, 2016

Aggiornato Jun 09, 2022

Download: 164

AUM - Audio Mixer è l'app a music sviluppata da Kymatica AB e disponibile per il download su iOS App Store e Android Play Store.

AUM Procedura dettagliata di gioco (iOS, Android)

Cos'è AUM?

AUM is the flexible audio mixer, recorder, and connection hub for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Connect hardware inputs and outputs, Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App Audio apps, Audiobus, soundfile players, built-in signal processing and filters, in any configuration you want.

Route anything to anywhere with mix-busses, effect sends, audiobus ports, and external multi-channel audio interfaces.

Play hosted synths and instruments using the built-in keyboard or external MIDI controllers, or sequence them with AU MIDI plugins or from other apps using Virtual MIDI.

Record mixes, individual tracks, or both, straight into the storage space of AudioShare (no copying of files needed), with synchronized start and end for perfect loops.

Play back recordings, soundfiles and loops as channel sources in the mixer for backing tracks, further processing or mixing. Soundfiles can be opened from anywhere, including USB drives on iOS 13 and later.

Route and filter MIDI in any way you like using the MIDI matrix. Combine and filter MIDI endpoints using MIDI buses.

Synchronize everything with the transport clock and play in time with other apps or devices using Ableton Link. Connect external music machines and synchronize them with MIDI Clock.

Includes built-in processing nodes for various stereo processing, Mid/Side balance and conversion, EQs and filters, limiting, clipping and saturation. Or use any 3rd party Audio Unit extension or Inter-App Audio effect.

All controls in the mixer can be controlled via MIDI, including parameters of hosted and built-in plugins.

"A brilliant idea that has been brilliantly executed. Top-notch technical stuff and highly recommended" - MusicAppBlog

"Feature rich, powerful, intuitive, and simple to use" - DubSpot

"Executes live mixing with surprising ease, with a load of extensive features under the hood, quick snappy response on the screen and audio" - AudioNewsRoom


• High quality audio up to 32-bit 96kHz
• Clean and intuitive u

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Scarica AUM per PC (Windows/Mac Os)

Per ottenere l'app AUM sul tuo PC (Windows 10/8/7), segui la nostra guida sull'utilizzo di Bluestacks per installare i file APK sul tuo computer.

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Commenti In Primo Piano AUM

Semplicemente perfetto

Non posso immaginare qualcosa di più utile e adatto al mio flusso di lavoro. Indispensabile!

Huge Tip

I just saw that you added in-app purchase tips, which you totally deserve because AUM it’s gorgeous, brilliant, built with a lot of attention, love, talent, no one else could do the same with 6 mb only. So It’s my great pleasure to pay you a Huge Tip and I kindly invite everyone to do the same.

App bellissima ma

Non vede tutti i miei sinth come mksensation o neo soul Keys.

Un MUST per chi fa musica su ios

Semplicemente fantastica ! Molto ma molto di più di un mixer

Spettacolare !!!!!!!!

Moltiplica in maniera inimmaginabile le potenzialità di AUDIOBUS e premette una routing tutto nuovo per musicisti ios assolutamente da avere

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