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Azienda: SHEN MIAO

Genere dell'app: Strategy

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Versione: 1.06

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Rilasciato: Jun 26, 2022

Aggiornato Jul 28, 2022

Legend of Homebody è l'app di gioco a strategy and simulation sviluppata da SHEN MIAO e disponibile per il download su iOS App Store e Android Play Store. Questa app è compatibile con iOS 12.0 e versioni successive e richiede 818.77MB di spazio libero per l'installazione.

Legend of Homebody Procedura dettagliata di gioco (iOS, Android)

Cos'è Legend of Homebody?

The game has no in-app purchase and no ads.
The game has several characters and modes to experience.
Some of the text is small and recommended to be played on iPad.

The game supports languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
You can serialise novels, serialise comics, make music and make games in the game.
Normal mode three characters each with their own different goals and a handful of deep stories!

1. All furniture on the scene screen can be clicked. (Including the arrow on the way out.)
2. This game is a turn-based game, and no game time is lost when you are not performing actions.
3. Clicking the computer to learn online lessons is the most efficient way to increase attributes.
4. There is a button to switch between refrigerator and takeaway. After you buy takeaway, you can directly click the button to switch to the interface of the refrigerator. Double click the food icon to quick buy or eat food.
5. Please ensure that you have enough money in hand as the publishing warehouse regularly collects rent every week and a shortage of money can result in the destruction of all your stock.
6. Click on the floppy disk button in the bottom right corner of the screen to save the game. Click the watermelon button to enable the auto-save function in the window that opens.
7. If you feel the game is taking too long to play, you can open the settings and check the skip animation.
8. The Toilet becomes 0 and then suddenly becomes full that is the automatic toilet setting| which reduces the burden of operation.
9. When the attribute is reduced to 0, the game does not end immediately, but creates a negative state, which lasts for a certain period of time before causing the game to end prematurely. You can long press the status icon to see details.
10. The food in the refrigerator can only be eaten automatically when it is added to the queue. There is a set meal plan function in the watermelon button, which will automatically spend money to fill Satiety after it is turned on.
11. Study hard and get better every day.

Brief guide: First, you take online art courses on the computer, then you take art orders, save money, take courses to improve your skills, and after that, you start doing other types of work.

This game does not require the player to play over and over again. Players just need to complete the achievements corresponding to each character. Achievements are viewed at the star button in the lower left corner of the main menu. When the Achievements interface opens, click on the character's image at the top of the screen to see the achievements that the character can unlock.
If you play the game for the first time, please open the question mark button in the bottom right corner and read the instructions carefully. After reading these, the game will be much easier.

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